Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Holidays are Here!

For all of you Swedophiles who feel tired of the traditional Celine Dion Christmas songs i have something for you. Oh, no its Christmas! was released by Razzia Records last year and feature many of our favorite artists and their versions of Christmas songs.

Just to name a few: Hello Saferide, Kristofer Åström, The Soundrtack Of Our Lives, Maia Hirasawa, Laakso, Firefox AK, Tiger Lou among others.

Go check it out!

Monday, 15 December 2008

Petter – Mikrofonkåt

During the fall the Swedish Public Television [SVT] has given us a documentary series about Swedish artists called Dom Kallar Oss Artister [They call us Artists]. We have made visits to Per Gessle, Maia Hirasawa, Håkan Hellström among others... Unfortunately the programs is only in Swedish, but if you want to check it out you can do it here.

The other week we visited Petter, one of the big names on the Swedish hiphop scene for the last ten years. With five albums and countless of collaborations he is definitely one of the biggest hiphop artists in Sweden today. Its always interesting to see how the artists have every day lives like the rest of us with kids and bills. Im not a big hiphop connoisseur but i have a few favorite songs with Petter. One of them is the song Logiskt who comments on the every day life of Petter with the help of Säkert!


In the end of the show Teo Holmer performed an acoustic version of Petter's hit song Mikrofonkåt. I find covers fascinating to listen to when they have made something completely different and new from an existing song. [If you want to see Petter's original version, check it out here]

Teo Holmer - Mikrofonkåt

More information about Petter is found on Petter.nu

Sunday, 14 December 2008


Its the darkest time of the year, with only 5 hours of daylight per day... [ugh!] Now its also time for the St Lucia holiday, to celebrate the saint Lucia who brings light to us in the dark. It all started at the time when Sweden was Catholic and needed to incorporate the pagan mid-winter celebrations into the christian faith.

Anyway... Its still a very nice tradition filled with songs, candle lights and sweets :) And because its Lucia weekend here in Sweden i will give you a treat of a traditional Swedish Luciatåg [train of singing girls].

If you want to find out more about this tradition you can read about it here.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

A Camp x 3

Here is a collection of A Camp samples. The first two videos is from the first album and the song Stronger Than Jesus is the first single from the second album Colonia, which is to be released soon.

I Can Buy You

Song For The Leftovers

Stronger Than Jesus

A Camp

I receive the news of the release of A Camps second album, Colonia, with a smile. The first one was SO GOOD. Its been eight years since the last one, so i have high expectations. Too high probably...

Nina's solo project was something totally different from The Cardigans when it came out. It was darker and with a dose of lovely Country/Americana. And i liked it a lot. Back then it was a side project to get some space from The Cardigans and concentrate on something more of her own [every band is a democracy...], but now its her primary project since The Cardigans is currently put on ice indefinitely [no one really knows]. This time A Camp is no longer a solo project, she has added a band with her husband Nathan [American] as one of the components.

I hope that the new album will be everything i have dreamed for in the past eight years, but if not, i always have the first album to comfort me. If you're not familiar with A Camp i suggest you take a look asap :)

To find out more, check out the official website and Myspace

Photo by: Greg Greenwood

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Summer Rain [A Capella]

I stumbled on this video of Anna Ternheims A Capella version of Summer Rain. It was one of the highlights during last weeks concert and here it is! Now the hopes that Anna will release an acoustic version of her latest album is growing... Stay tuned.

Backing up Anna is also among others ElleKari Larsson from The Tiny, Nina Kinert and Ane Brun. I love these collaborations!

Summer Rain

Love for All!

It probably wouldn't happen in the states, but it works in Europe and definitely in Sweden! I think its great! Ane singing Cyndi Laupers True Colors in a Björn Borg commercial. I cant agree more, Love for All!

Björn Borg commercial anno 2008

Monday, 8 December 2008

Anna Ternheim x 3

This is for you who might be new to Anna's music. A collection of videos: An old favorite of mine; My Secret, an acoustic version of You Mean Nothing To Me Anymore and the Broder Daniel cover Shoreline, that Anna basically made her own :)

[If you want to see the original version of Shoreline, by Broder Daniel, check it out at Youtube]

My Secret

You Mean Nothing To Me Anymore


Sunday, 7 December 2008

Under the Moon with Anna

Anna Ternheim released her new album Leaving on a Mayday in recently, and it was with great expectations i opened the pre-ordered package with the CD (yes i still buy CD's). At first i was not impressed, noticing a new side, with more firmness and finesse. With more new sounds and new influences. It felt like one of her strengths was gone; the naked sound of her voice with a piano or a guitar. I didn't know what to think of it, i was a bit stunned.

Then the day came when me and my friend A went to see her live at Röda Sten. I have been looking forward to this concert for a long time since it was suppose to be special, with a limited number of seats in a venue that is usually used for art exhibits. And there she was on stage with her band, swaying back and forth like a hunchback in pain, turned away from the crowd. The new songs came to life that night, in a big concrete building with the acoustic of a church [16 meters to the ceiling]. It was a night of both old and new songs, Anna alone taking requests from the fans in the front and finally ending it with two call backs and the A Capella version of Summer Rain [with her four backup singers]. Anna was witty and humble, happy to be there and sometimes totally swept up in the music. It was magical.

I was happy to be there. I was happy to hear the Wedding Song which is an old song, but new to me, i was happy that the moon was shining through the window to set the mood, i was happy to hear a hand clap version of French Love and one of my new favorites My Heart Still Beats For You, I was happy to see Elle-Kari Larsson from The Tiny as one of the backup singers [who also played several instruments]. It was a great night, definitely on my concert top five list.

To wrap this up i must add that i think that her new album grew a lot after this concert. This music is meant to be hard live and not through computer speakers... And after listening to her old albums i understand why she has come to the point where she needs to change. It might also be that the move to New York earlier this year influenced the music in a new way. I just think you should give this album another chance. And go see her if you can.

Im now looking to find Annas Secret EP, where the Wedding Song is featured. I haven't been able to find it, so if you do, please let me know! Check out AnnaTernheim.com for more news about Anna!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

A Night at Storan

Earlier this year Hello Saferide released her second album, produced by indie pop icon Andreas Mattson. I looked forward to it a great deal and was somewhat disappointed when it showed up. It didn't give me that immediate feeling of pleasure in the backbone like i had last time. I have been listening to it, but felt that it was a little bit too slick, a bit over produced maybe. I had heard this before but hoped that the articles was wrong.

So came the night when my friends and me went to see her live at Storan. My expectations were probably kind of low at first, but after a couple of songs i realized that her new songs are great! They just needed a bit of the rough live feeling, the in-between talks, the audience and Annikas energy pouring off the stage into us. And even though the audience was young and loud (in a not always nice way) the love was in the air. Both Andreas Mattson and Andrea Kellerman [Firefox AK] joined her on stage, which gave the songs Long Lost Penpal and Overall an extra dimension.

I understand the pressure she must feel, releasing another album after the first one. Can she be successful once again? I understand why she did something different, but still the same. Its still Modern Short Stories made the Annika-way :)

Check out Hello Saferides website for more information, also here is a review of the album in Gothenburgs local newspaper.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Good Song [Welcome back]

Hello again. The absentee is back :) Lately i have been juggling family, friends and work related problems and the blog has not been a priority.

For the people mentioned above, and for everyone else that sometimes have bad days, i dedicate this song. Good Song with Salem Al Fakir. He is a Swedish pop-wonder with 70ties-Stevie-Wonder-funk inspired pop songs (say what?!) that makes you wanna smile. This boy has talent, he recorded his album, This Is Who I Am, on his own. With a great set of hair, a sunny attitude and a very non-Swedish name he smiled his way into my heart with this video!

Salem Al Fakir - Good Song

Check out more from Salem Al Fakir on Myspace!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

While I Wait...

Im enjoying music that cant be related to the Swedish music scene at the moment... [Glasvegas, Last Shadow Puppets, Joan as Police Woman, Okkervil River etc]. But i eagerly wait for Anna Ternheim's new album that will be released in a couple of weeks :)

New Song --> Summer Rain with Anna Ternheim!

For more news: AnnaTernheim.com

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

History of Swedish Pop music [Part 2]

[Do you want to read Part 1 first?, here is the link]

In the first part of the Swedish pop history i told you about the bands that developed from the influences from bands like the Beatles. My parents often speak of these times. Now im going to focus on another time frame, the 80ties and early 90ties. During this time i discovered music myself and started to record tapes from the radio with hits from the charts (it was hard because you always had a little bit of talking in the end of the songs...). When i look back on this time i realize that i was too young fo find music myself, except for the one that was played on the radio, and i was fed with hits from the first boy bands [for example NKOTB]. This is not music that i would listen to today, but there is always the nostalgia factor that makes it enjoyable nontheless.

Many of you knows of Roxette, the duo that had their big breakthrough after being featured with a song in the movie Pretty Woman in the end of the 90ties. What you might not know is that Per Gessle was a big pop icon in Sweden from the early 80ties. With his pop band Gyllende Tider he made many hits that are signifcant to my generation and is still freaquently played on the Swedish dancefloors. Marie Fredriksson also had her own solo career on the side later on. Other important music influences during the early 80ties are of course ABBA and Carola Häggqvist [now simply Carola] who won the Swedish part of The Eurovision Song contest in 1983 with Främling. Since then her career has been going up and down and the her life has been a regular in the Swedish tabloids. Outside Sweden she is mostly known for her religious songs. Other names to be mentioned during this time is the punk-rock band Ebba Grön, the singer-songwriter Ted Gärdestad and Magnus Uggla, who was brilliant in his early years [see video].

Later came artists like Lena Phillipsson, Mauro Scocco, Lili & Sussi who made a great impact on the Swedish pop climate. If you listen to Cat 5 there is a sound of Lili & Susi to be found. There are of course many others, and if you enjoy these i urge you to look up simillar artists on last.fm. Lisa Nilsson and Eva Dahlgren [see video] was successful female singer-songwriters during this period and has probably influenced many of the female vocalists of today.

So even if they sometimes feel hopelessly old... they still influenced me when i was growing up and many of the artists today sat on their rooms with posters of these people on their walls, wishing they could be just like them.

Lisa Nilsson - Himlen Runt Hörnet

Marie Fredriksson - Sparvöga

Lena Phillipsson - Dansa i Neon

Lili & Susi - Oh Mama

Mauro Scocco - Sarah

Ted Gärdestad - Sol, Vind & Vatten

Gyllene Tider - När Vi Två Blir En

Carola - Främling

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Where you, just like me, filled up with happiness and bubbely joy inside when you saw the movie about Amelie from Monmartre [Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain]? One of the reasons was of course the lovely Amelie, but also the music, it leaped off the screen and into my heart. I literally jumped all the way home from the movie theater.

I get the same feeling when i listen to Detektivbyrån, an instrumental band that we all should give a listen. Perfect music for a rainy day when you dont want to feel low, music to warm your frozen heart. I dont like to put music in genres, but if i would try to describe Detektivbyrån i would call their music experimental-indie-folk-electronica. Stories without words are visualized in my head when i listen, and its easy to get lost in daydreams with this flowing into your ears. The trio comes from Värmland, but now live and work in Gothenburg. They recently released their second album Wermland, available for download at Klicktrack.

Lyckans Undulat

Official Press Picture

Also check out Detektivbyån.net

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Jens Lekman x 3

Here comes a few of Jens Lekmans videos :) If you are interested there is a lot of live material that can be found on Youtube! Enjoy!

Black Cab

Sipping On The Sweet Nectar

You Are The Light

Jens Lekman

Jens Lekmans sweet-sad-songs has gotten me through a lot of bad days over the years. You probably heard about him already, he is a frequent touring artist and seem to travel all over the world most of the year. You might have read in the magazines that people like Kirsten Dunst are fans, and who can blame her? Jens charm is honest and heart breaking and that is what makes it brilliant.

He is one of those rare artists that are both gifted with lyrics and songs, which became a fact after his third album Night Falls Over Kortedala that was released last year. A shy mans reflections of every day troubles and love problems ventilated through sweet music. His albums just keeps getting better and better. Dont miss the songs Postcard To Nina or Your Arms Around Me.

Jens was born 1981 in Angered [a suburb to Gothenburg] and has frequently been singing about his every day life for every one who wants to listen. For fellow "Göteborgare" there is a charm to hear him sing about places and events that is effecting us every day. For example the illegal cabs [black cab] that is often used in the early morning hours after a night out, or the place he love; Hammarkullen [Hammer Hill]. Last year Jens moved from Kortedala/Hammarkullen to Australia but now his website tells us that he is homeless... we'll see where this wanderer might show up next time. Check out his releases, you dont wanna miss this.

Official Press Pictures

Also check out his official website JensLekman.Com

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Pretty [Woman] Great

Sunday night in front of the TV flickering between channels... and there it is, the movie with the song that had such a great influence of my youth. Even though its a silly movie, Per Gessle barely can play guitar and they both has the worst hair ever i cant help but love this. Its great. Swedish greatness :)

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Dedicate a Song

I have this thing that i do, every day, sometimes many times per day... I dedicate songs to people in my life. No one knows this because i do it silently in my head. Its my secret. Sometimes its long and emotional dedications with reasons and feelings and sometimes its short ones, just because a song reminds me of someone special. I do it on the bus with my ipod, when i do my dishes or at night when im about to sleep. Who do you want to dedicate a song to?


Today i dedicate this song to Jeroen. You are my light!

You are the light [Jens Lekman cover performed by a guy called Dimitri]

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Nina Kinert x 3

Here comes some videos with Nina, a few of the great songs from the new album plus the song from the Saab commercial. Truly great!

Combat Lover


Through Your Eyes

Nina Kinert

Earlier i have mentioned Nina Kinert as Ane Bruns friend and sidekick, and that is true. What is also true is that Nina doesn't need to be someones sidekick, she shines brightly on her own. On Sunday night me and my friends went to see Ane Brun for the second time in 6 months, and of course Nina was there. She was the supporting act in the beginning and totally blew me away with her new songs. With an impressively well rehearsed band including two (sometimes three) brilliant drummer/percussionists it was pure joy to see them live.

Nina made her breakthrough with her song Through Your Eyes in a Saab commercial but has been making music for years before that. Even though Nina is young (24) and beautiful as a dream, she has proved to be more than a pretty face. The latest album is very good and sometimes really impressive, it sticks out in a crowd of Swedish female vocalists this year. Do yourself a favor and look her up when you have the chance, it might be the best thing you've done this week :)

"I have released three albums. My third one is called PETS&FRIENDS. I play music. I write songs. I'm a musician ::: But i'm also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her. Just like Julia Roberts."
Nina (on Myspace)

Check out her Myspace and Official Website for more information!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

New Album Delayed

One of the highest ranked search words on this blog is The Radio Dept - Clinging to a scheme, so i can only imagine that many of you are eagerly waiting for the new album to come out. According to Labrador Records its not finished yet, so they dont have a release date for it, but it cant be that far away... I hope.

Enjoy these videos for the time being, and i hope i will be able to give you good news shortly!

The Worst Taste in Music

This Past Week

Also check out the Labrador website for other interesting releases!

Christian Kjellvander Video Bonanza!

I found a lot of great videos from Christian Kjellvander on Youtube, so here they come. A great video bonanza! Dont miss the video made in a car with only Christian and a guitar or the cover performed together with Anna Järvinen!

Homeward Rolling Soldier

Roaring 40's [feat Nina Persson]

Poppies and Peonies

When The Mourning Comes

Not Forever [Popsicle cover duet with Anna Järvinen]

Monday, 6 October 2008

Christian Kjellvander

Im taking a break from life and its worries and dig into Christian Kjellvander. He is like balsam för själen [conditioner for the soul] with his soft Americana-inspired songs. He opened my eyes when i saw him live for the first time, sometime after he released his first solo album Songs From a Two-Room Chapel in 2002.

In interviews its often mentioned that Christan grew up in the US and moved back as a teenager, which also gives him the special American sound [and a great accent]. Wherever it comes from, its good, sometimes its even brilliant. When i saw him at a festival this summer it struck me that he has always been a high-quality artist, both live and on his albums.

On the latest album I Saw Her From Here/I Saw Here From Her his wife contributes with vocals, which i think gives it a new dimension. Another great match with a female voice is the duet Roaring 40's with Cardigans Nina Persson.

Except for the four solo albums, Christan has also been making music with the band Loosegoats and his brother Gustaf in Songs of Soil. Make sure to check them all out, im pretty sure you will enjoy it.

Picture / Press picture

Check out Christians website, and make sure that you read this interview with him [use Google translate] its a nice one.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Jazz på Svenska

This morning i wake up and feel an urge to listen to jazz. I dont know very much about it (im a bit out of my genre here...) but i still want to mention two of the greatest Swedish jazz personalities here on the blog. Jan Johansson is famous for is double album Jazz in Russian & Jazz in Swedish.

Monica Zetterlund has been a great role model for many of our female vocalists in Sweden today and has recorded many albums over the years. Monica was also an actress and performed in many movie and TV productions over the years. One of the most famous one is The Emigrants who is a Swedish classic.

Jan Johansson

Monica Zetterlund

Monica performing Jan Johansson

If you are fans of jazz you should look up these people further, you start by Wiki-it: Monica Zetterlund, Jan Johansson

Monday, 29 September 2008

The Tiny

The Tiny is a Swedish trio with another one of those amazing female vocalists that we have here in Sweden :) Ellekari Larsson has an almost childlike but powerful voice and when you mix that with jazz inspired melodies you end up with music that cant be put into any genre. She tells us amazing, little stories and it feels like magic. I cant put The Tiny on in the background, this is music you really have to listen to, its impossible to stay neutral with this voice in the room.

In 2003 Ellekari and her friend Ane Brun started the artist collective DetErMineRecords located in Stockholm. In 2005 the Canadian singer/songwriter Wendy McNeill also joined in the collective. Both Ellekari & Wendy McNeill is also featuring on Ane Bruns Duet album.

Its been silent from The Tiny since their second and latest album, but according to their Myspace they are in the studio, recording another album as we speak. Im looking forward to it, im sure it will be great as ever. For you who hasn't discovered them yet, check out their earlier releases ASAP!


Everything is Free

They Say its Weird

Also check out the Official Website for more information & news updates! The Image is a poster from the last album, available for sale at the webiste.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Mission Hall Sessions

Thursday was another night of great live music. I went to The Mission Hall Sessions with my friend A. The Mission Hall Sessions is a compilation album put together by Bad Taste Records. For me it seems like a great way of promoting both new and old talents during one night, a way of finding new great music. It was a night with back to back singer-songwriter performances by Ida Redig, Chris Mills, Andi Almqvist and Rosie Thomas. Rosie is an old favorite of mine and the headline for the night but i want to focus on the Swedish artists taking part.

Both Ida Redig and Andi Almqvist are relatively new to me, but turned out to be enjoyable on stage :) Ida is a young woman from Göteborg and predicted a bright future, possibly another one of those great female vocalists that we have seen in recent years. Andi Almqvist is coming from the southern parts of Sweden (Skåne) but when he opened up his mouth i was surprised to hear Nick Cave and Tom Waits inspired Americana.

I dont know much more about them, except that i enjoyed it. So if you're interested check them out, i know i will!

Ida Redig

Andi Almqvist

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Thursday Update

A Thursday update: I got the new Hello Saferide album in my mailbox yesterday and what i heard so far is potentially very good, although different from before. More updates will come on that later, because im still digesting a great live performance from Bon Iver from last night. He is from Wisconsin, so i wont write about it here ;) but you can check it out here if you want.

Otherwise the blog is alive and well, over 300 visitors so far :) Im also grateful for all the comments and recommendations that are being sent to me on my last.fm, i check them out as soon as i can! Just know that i read them all! Also, feel free to comment on the blog, make connections to other Swedish or foreign artists that may be of interest to more people.

Over and out.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


I want you to check out ST aka Stefan Ternemar, a new talent that i like. Earlier this spring an old friend of mine told me to check out his little brothers new album, cause its actually really good :) I did and found out that he was right!

The soft pop electronica with hints of Khonnor and The Radio Dept. makes my every day boredom a little bit easier. I like to ride the bus with songs like Debut, I Met a Girl with Butterfly Wings and Rest Your Eyes on Mine in my ears. Live performances and new releases will come in the beginning of next year.

Check out the video for Debut:

You can find more free downloads at Last.fm and more information at Myspace. If you want to buy the album its possible to do so at Dotshop.se

Monday, 22 September 2008

My Best Friend

Its Monday morning and im posting this for my best friend, because its her birthday today and this is our song! A song about friendship from the everlasting great Annika.

Its a very good song, so i hope you enjoy this video as much as we do :)

My Best Friend

Sunday, 21 September 2008

History of Swedish Pop music [Part 1]

Over the years i have often wondered why Sweden seems to have good luck with their pop music outside of Sweden? Maybe because we have a long tradition of making easy listening pop? I doubt there will be any clear answers. Many of the influences took place long before i was born so im sorry if im mixing up things since its second hand information. I know that my parents danced to all of the below mentioned bands back in the day :) This is a taste of the Swedish music history a la Youtube.

Since a long time back people have always had an interest in folk music, but it wasn't until the pop music came here that it had a big impact on people in general. It feels likely that when The Beatles had a live performance on TV in Sweden just before their breakthrough they opened up to followers like Tages, Shanes and Hep Stars. All of them big stars in Sweden during the 60ties and 70ties. Sven from Hep Stars later became the second part of Svenne & Lotta in the 70ties and they made music together with Björn & Benny from Abba. Of course there is no denying the greatness of Abba and their great pop music that spread over the world after the Eurovision Song Contest 1974. Their music is still very popular, but i must say that i prefer the original over any spinoff-movie-musical any day.

It makes sense that our generation keeps on making great music, because the influences from what out parents listened to keeps on inspiring new talents today.

The Beatles
(Swedish Television 1963)



The Hep Stars

Svenne & Lotta

Abba (Eurovision contest 1974)

Of course this is just a small part of what people listened to in Sweden back in the day. Take the chance to discover more via similar artists on last.fm.

If you want to read more about Swedish pop history read this article on DN with Google translator.



I want to mention the group Granada, even though i don't have a lot of information about them. I wish i had, but its hard to find. It doesn't help that they have the same name as the Spanish city/province and the fact that there exists a well known Brazilian group with the same name. It doesn't seem like they are active at the moment because one of the front figures Anna Järvinen recently released her solo album "Jag fick Feeling".

Its great music nonetheless :) Soft, melancholic indie pop with Anna Järvinens special voice accompanied with Magnus Vikströms makes a great combo. Music that will make you cry on one of those days. Three albums and a great deal of great songs like Amazing it Seems, Helene and Starting Over makes me hope that they one day will find their way back into the spotlight again.

Check out this live video of Granada on Swedish television!

You can find more a little more information about them on this blog

Saturday, 20 September 2008

A Jente in Sweden

Ive got comments about my earlier Ane Brun post and the fact that she isn't Swedish (but in fact Norweigan). Yes, i know! Ane Brunvoll is not a very Swedish name. Good of you to notice, but since she live and work in Sweden and speaks fluent Swedish i have decided to count her in.

You are very welcome to discuss this here on the blog if you feel like it.

Enjoy another Behind the Doors with Ane and her (Swedish) sidekick and friend Nina Kinert in a dutch elevator.

Ane Brun's Sketches

Did you know that Ane Brun has released the demo versions of her latest album "Changing Of The Seasons"?

The demo-album is called "Sketches" and is exactly that, sketches of her songs that became the result we got earlier this year. I bought "Sketches" online at Klicktrack, but according to Ane Bruns official site she will now release it on CD as well! :) Sketches also features two new songs: Miss Moaning and My Baby´s Arms.

Also, check out her new video below!

Don't Leave

Press Picture

Friday, 19 September 2008

Loney, Dear x 3

Still annoyingly ill i give you some of Loney, Dears (somewhat strange) videos and another elevator video from Holland. Enjoy and good luck on discovering this artist!

I am John

Saturday Waits

Behind the Doors

Loney, Dear

The first time i heard about Loney, Dear was three years ago. Back then Emil Svanängen made music on his own in the woods outside of Jönköping, with a wish to live off his music. Today he does :) When i ordered the home made CDs on his website i didn't know what to expect and i was greatly surprised. It was so beautiful! So much genuine despair and suffering in his songs i couldn't help to fall in love with his music.

Emils own journey took him out of the woods of Jönköping to Stockholm and then out into the world. With four albums recorded on his own in the trunk, he took his friends/band with him on the road and they now create magic on stages in both Europe and the US. Last year he was picked up by famous indie label Sub Pop who re-released the album from 2005, Loney, Noir.

First time i saw them live here in Gothenburg was in the autumn of 2005 and it was magic, i still remember it as one of the best live acts i ever seen. It was a night filled with so much love between the audience and the band that it vibrated. Emil with his eyes closed on the stage, meaning every word that comes out from his mouth. I agree with one of the quotes from Emils website: "Despair has never sounded so sweet."

Press picture

Read more about Emil at the official website, Luger and Myspace!

New Song from Anna Ternheim

All of you that have waited for a new release from Anna Ternheim will be happy to hear that a new album is coming mid november! The news is celebrated with a free download of a new song "What have i done" in acoustic version. Yey! Another beautiful song from Anna!

Go get it for free at Annas official website!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Another Week Left

My mini-holiday became longer than i thought because of a bad cold. Im confined to the bed or possibly the couch for a few days...

Today i spent some time reading my new Sonic Magazine, one of Swedens music magazines and a great source of new music in every issue. On the cover this month is Annika Norlin (Hello Saferide & Säkert!). She goes back to her roots in the northern parts of Sweden (Östersund), talking about the unexpected success with her Swedish alias Säkert. From the beginning it was meant as a small time project (a paus from Hello Saferide) but ended up being too big. The future for Säkert! is unsure, so for now we enjoy Hello Saferide.

In the review section Hello Saferide gets 8/10 on the scale with the note that this album is different, more produced with a "fuller" sound (produced by indie icon Andreas Mattson from Popsicle). It takes some getting used to, but makes a great album in the end. Sounds promising!

They also reveal the songs on the new album, so here they come: I wonder who is like this one (a favorite of mine, see earlier video post from Brazil), 2008, Overall, Lund, X telling me about the loss of something dear at age 16, Middleclass, Parenting never ends, Anna (se earlier video post), 25 Days, Sancho Panza, Travelling with us, Arjeplog

I suggest you read more about the new album at the Razzia Records website. Use Google Translate (in the link list) to translate from Swedish to English.

Press picture / Photographer Mikael K Jansson

Thursday, 11 September 2008

New Song: Anna

Im going on a mini-holiday, but before i go i want to share this new song with Hello Saferide! Its a great happy-sad song that reminds me of an ex, but it also has the same name as my best friend :) Watch the video and enjoy! I know that its been said before but... Annika is brilliant!

Btw. The song can you download free on Myspace!

Press picture


Monday, 8 September 2008

Bad Connection

I have some problem with my broadband connection. Its difficult for me to stay online long enough to publish... a real patience killer :( Im doing my best and hopefully everything will work 100% soon.


Its a rainy day here in Gothenburg and its a perfect day to listen to Audrey. Music wise related to groups like Logh they combine sweet voices with dark sadness. This is a all female, post-rock combo that always works :)

Two album and a few EP's has been released, the latest one was the album The Fierce and The Longing released earlier this year. My favorite is still the first album Visible Forms, but that might change. Audrey is a group that grows on you if you give them a chance.

Read more at the Audrey website!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Sophie Zelmani x 3

I found three of Sophies videos on Youtube, what a great way of starting this rainy saturday! In Time To Kill you also see the Swedish actor Shanti Roney, from the great movie Tillsammans (Together).

Time To Kill

I Cant Change

Going Home

Sophie Zelmani

Sophie Zelmani has a special place in my heart since since 1995 when she released her first album. It was one of the first CDs i ever bought. Therefor i have been following her career since then. Im grateful to her because she opened my eyes to other singer/songwriters. Over the years i always come back to her sound when being in a slight melancholy mood. Lars Halapi has been with her from the start, writing songs and playing the guitar. He is one of the best guitar players in Sweden today, famous for his ability to interpret feelings on his strings.

Sophie's music is not grand or flashy, its simple and atmospheric, and thats her strength. To go to one of her live performaces is special, she is not really a great live act (she actually doesnt like it very much) but she stands alone and tiny on the stage with her guitar and whispers "Tack" between her songs. Nonetheless the audience is under her spell, you can feel that the songs is very much her and that you are taking part of something special. I will see her live again in October and is looking forward to it very much.

Im not going to tell you much about her personal life, because i know very little about it. She is not a public person between album releases and doesnt like to give interviews. I know that she lives outside of Stockholm with her duaghter and that she is good friends with the famous photographer Anton Corbijn (who also photographs her album covers).

Find out more about all of her albums at the official website, her new album "The Ocean And Me" was released recently.

Press photo: Anton Corbijn

Read more about Sophie at last.fm and The Official Website

Friday, 5 September 2008

Little Dragon

Here is a small entry about the group Little Dragon that i wish to know more about since i heard the song "Twice" this spring. I know that they are based in Gothenburg and i have heard that the singer Yukimi Nagano have been involved in Koops music. Looking forward to find out more :)

Watch the video and enjoy!

Read more at the official site!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Love From Göteborg

Here comes two of my favorite videos / songs with Håkan Hellström :)

Håkan Hellström

Im proud to present Håkan Hellström, an established pop icon in Sweden and also fellow "Göteborgare" (citizen of Gothenburg). He is probably not that known outside of Sweden, since he sings in Swedish. Through the years he has been criticized for not being able to carry a tune and for borrowing too much from other songs. Inspiration or theft? Its up to you to decide.

Despite the critique he is loved by many and adored especially by his fans in Gothenburg. He sings about the streets and places where we walk every day in a poetic way. I can only feel sorry for all of you who doesnt understand the songs. When you go to one of his live performances in Gothenburg its a sheer love-fest between Håkan and his fans! Definitely an experience to remember!

Håkan is also a former a member of Broder Daniel and Honey is Cool (both bands from Gothenburg) but had his personal breakthrough in 2000 when he released "Känn Ingen Sorg För Mig Göteborg" (Feel no sadness for me Gothenburg). He has since then become a national hero after his flirts with other genres (folk, salsa etc) which gives him a variation of fans from kids to old ladies. And here he is, five albums and countless of songs, someone for you to discover!

Picture / Single Cover

Find out more about Håkan Hellström

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

People Are Like Songs

In approximately three weeks Hello Saferides new album "More Modern Short Stories From Hello Saferide" will be released here in Sweden. I wait for it eagerly and have already pre-ordered it. I cant wait!

If you too want to order it, check out Bengas website
(also possible for people outside Sweden).

Until then you can enjoy Hello Saferide in a Volvo commercial and this lovely song about people who are like songs, recorded in an elevator in Brazil last year.

Heartbeats vs Heartbeats

Here comes both the original version from The Knife and the Sony version that was previously mention, with José Gonzales.

Which one is your favorite?

The Knife

The Knife is a duo that consists of the siblings Karin & Olof Dreijer (Karin a former member of Honey Is Cool). They formed in 1999 and released Deep Cuts which became a loved album among the Swedish listeners. Their mystical aura and outspoken unwillingness to appear in pictures or other marketing probably added to the hype with the Silent Shout tour in 2006. For many (including myself) it felt like the only chance of seeing them live. It was a great experience, but not as much a live concert as a performing art moment where images, sound and light came together. Karin and Olof where, as always, dressed in masks.

In 2005 José Gonzales version of the song Heartbeats was featured in a Sony commercial, which made the rest of the world aware of both José Gonzales and The Knife. Since then they both have had a great commercial success. Who would have known that the sometimes unlikely combination of beats, oil-drums (which you mostly find in reggae or world music) and Karins sweet voice would have such an effect on us?

The Knife has featured in many Tv series and won awards over the years for their work. They have released three albums and one soundtrack to the movie Hannah med H. Silent Shout was the latest release from Karin & Olofs own label Rabid Records, except for a DVD with tour material. We are looking forward to see what the siblings next move will be.

Press picture from Luger / Photography Elin Berge

Read more at last.fm and the official website

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Anna Järvinen & Annika Norlin - För varje hjärtslag

Another one of my Youtube favorites is Anna Järvinen (Granada) & Annika Norlin (Hello Safride & Säkert!) performing a cover of Robyns "For Every Heartbeat" on Swedish television, in Swedish! More about these ladies will surely come in the future.

Lovely, dont you think?

Read more about Anna Järvinen, Annika Norlin & Robyn

Maia Hirasawa - Gothenburg

I wake up with images of spring in my hometown this morning :)

Its a sweet video from Maia Hirasawa (Hello Saferides back up singer) who has made a nice album on her own this year. More about this in a later entry. Enjoy!

Read more about Maia Hirasawa & Hello Saferide

Monday, 1 September 2008

Tiger Lou

Tiger Lou is one of those indie bands that no one understand is Swedish. They are not very well known, at least in the public eye, but has a rather large fan base (just look at the scrobbles on last.fm). Their presence in the Tv series O.C could be an explanation why. They play easy, atmospheric indie-rock that is easy to return to. Its easy to fit them on a nice compilation CD :)

Rasmus Kellerman (married to Andrea Kellerman aka Firefox AK) started the group that seems to alternate between being a solo project and a band. He is a talented man who plays most instruments on his own and also finds time to be a member in a few other bands on the side. Rasmus is also a Graphic Designer which shows in all their high quality press and merchandise goods.

Two albums and a couple of EPs has been released. My favorite album is still "Is My Head Still On?" from 2004, with songs like "Oh, Horatio", "Sellout", "The Sound Of Crickets" and "Like You Said". Take some time and get to know them, i think you might like it!

Press picture: Luger
Read more on the Luger site

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Labrador Records

Labrador is one of swedens indie labels where you can find new artists of interest, i know i have many times :) A few of my favorites that are signed on this label are earlier mentioned The Radio Dept, but also Sambassadeur, The Legends, Surburban Kids With Biblical Names and Acid House Kings. I hope to get back to all, in depth, here at the blog.

Its also possible to subscribe to newsletters and get information about upcoming releases and news.

Find out more at the Labrador website!

The Radio Dept.

The first choice on my list is The Radio Dept. Its a band that has followed me during the years and i have never grown tired of them. The soft, dreamy sound suits my every mood. I find them underestimated and not very well know of outside Sweden. Therefor i spread the word of this brilliance!

Their new album ”Clinging to a scheme” will be released this autumn, and it will hopefully have the same high quality as the rest.

Biography (from Labradors site)
The Radio Dept. was formed by Elin Almered and Johan Duncanson in 1995 who were in the school together in their early teenage. The name was taken from a gas station/radio repairer in Lund {Sweden} which had a large sign with the name »Radioavdelningen« {The Radio Department in Swedish...} hanging outside their shop. Just like today Elin and Johan hung out with people who, if they didn't play music, were into photo, film, art and the likes. The Radio Deptartment was a suiting name as it became a department of it's own among their friends' activities.

Since 1995 members has been coming and going and at some points there has never really been a Radio Department at all. Martin Larsson and Johan Duncanson started playing together in 1998 and decided to use the name The Radio Dept. Since then the band has done lots of gigs and lots recordings. The Radio Dept. has recorded on 4-tracks in friends' living rooms or at home, in smelly wharehouse, in demo studios with blinking fluorecent lightning and at schools.

In the autumn of 2001 Lisa Carlberg, bass player and the love of Martin, and Per Blomgren, drums, joined the band and they started rehearsing in the way bands so often do. The latest recordings were sent to the music magazine Sonic and got a nice review. They were also on the free CD sampler that comes with the magazine. That's when Labrador Records discovered and signed the band.

Their debut album "Lesser Matters" which was released in the spring of 2003 was an underground success internationally and Labrador's first entrance in the sales charts in Sweden. The buzz that slowly grew to give the band worldwide recognition with a little help from XL Recordings who released the album in large parts of the world, and the release of Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, which featured "Keen on Boys, [from "Lesser matters]" "Pulling Our Weight, [from the EP with the same name, 2004]" and "I Don't Like It Like This. [from the EP "This past week", 2005]"

Their highly anticipated second album, "Pet grief", was released in the spring of 2006 and showed a slightly more dreamy, and less noisy, side of the band. The album reached #11 in the Swedish charts and continued to give the band new fans all over the world.

In the beginning of 2007 people started talking about new material from The Radio Dept. There was even a rumour going on that they were working on two albums simultaneously and that both would be released in May the same year. In other words; two albums merely one year after the release of the previous album ”Pet Grief”. Those who had followed the band for a few years and know how they work probably suspected this would not happen.
The single "Freddie and the Trojan Horse" was released in May 2008 and it's a first taste of their upcoming album ”Clinging to a scheme” due to be released in the fall/winter of 2008. The new songs are said to be influenced by minimalistic post-punk, krautrock, repetitive "motorik" beat and ambient noise.

Picture: Press Material, Labrador
You can find more to read and free downloads at last.fm

Friday, 29 August 2008

Lets Start

I was asked by my friends at last.fm to share Swedish bands that i find interesting. So i will :) I welcome thoughts, insights and questions on what you want to read about.

Note. This blog will always state my own preference and nothing else.