Saturday, 27 September 2008

Mission Hall Sessions

Thursday was another night of great live music. I went to The Mission Hall Sessions with my friend A. The Mission Hall Sessions is a compilation album put together by Bad Taste Records. For me it seems like a great way of promoting both new and old talents during one night, a way of finding new great music. It was a night with back to back singer-songwriter performances by Ida Redig, Chris Mills, Andi Almqvist and Rosie Thomas. Rosie is an old favorite of mine and the headline for the night but i want to focus on the Swedish artists taking part.

Both Ida Redig and Andi Almqvist are relatively new to me, but turned out to be enjoyable on stage :) Ida is a young woman from Göteborg and predicted a bright future, possibly another one of those great female vocalists that we have seen in recent years. Andi Almqvist is coming from the southern parts of Sweden (Skåne) but when he opened up his mouth i was surprised to hear Nick Cave and Tom Waits inspired Americana.

I dont know much more about them, except that i enjoyed it. So if you're interested check them out, i know i will!

Ida Redig

Andi Almqvist