Friday, 19 November 2010

Så mycket bättre!

A new Swedish tv show is bringing loved Swedish artists from different generations and genres together and let them cover each others songs. It's pure love and an instant success! A real feelgood reality show.

Check out some of the clips [+ original versions] below.

Petter - Stockholm i mitt hjärta [Lasse Berghagen cover]

Lasse Berghagen - Stockholm i mitt hjärta [original version]

Lill-Babs - Såklart [Petter cover]

Petter - Såklart [original version]

September - Vem ska jag tro på? [Di Leva cover]

Di Leva - Vem ska jag tro på? [original version]

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Polar Music Prize

This year Björk won the Polar Music Prize, a prestigious Swedish music prize founded by Stig "Stikkan" Andersson [the manager of ABBA]. A few of her songs was brilliantly covered by some of the best artists in Sweden right now. Take some time and check out the videos below.

Ane Brun - Jóga [cover]

Robyn - Hyperballad [cover]

Wildbirds and Peacedrums - Human Behavior [cover]

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Säkert! á 2010

Did you know that Säkert! [aka Annika Norlin] came out with her second Säkert! album in September. The album is called Facit and the first single Fredrik has been frequently played in the radio. Fredrik is a song about one of Annika's friends.

I have been listening to all of Annika's music, both as Hello Saferide and Säkert! and the more time that passes the more I prefer her Swedish music. Her lyrics is very sad-sharp-funny and brilliantly sung in her dialect from the northern parts of Sweden. One of my favorite tracks from the new album is Dansa, fastän and takes place at a wedding party.

Säkert! is going on a tour around Sweden next year, when winter turns to spring again [I can't wait!] and I'm sure I will be there, and I'm sure it will be great :)

If you want to read Pitchforks review of the new album, check it out here. More information can be found on Razzia Records website.

Säkert! - Fredrik