Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Cohen - The Scandinavian Report

One of the benefits of having Spotify is that it's possible to stumble on new music all the time. One of my recent discoveries is the collection of Swedish and Scandinavian artists that performs Leonard Cohen covers. The collection was made to "honor Leonard Cohens 75th birthday and his lifetime achievements" which is great of course :)

Check out the track list [impressive]!
1. Cookies n Beans - First We Take Manhattan
2. Rebecka Törnqvist - Here It Is
3. Moto Boy - If It Be Your Will
4. Jan Malmsjö - Dansa mig till kärlekens slut
5. Ane Brun - Ain´t No Cure For Love
6. Bo Sundström - Everybody Knows
7. Sara Isaksson - Hey That´s No Way To Say Goodbye
8. Lars Halapi - Sisters of Mercy
9. Mikael Wiehe - USA är redo för demokrati (Democracy)
10. Anders Widmark - Hallelujah
11. Eva Dahlgren - Bird On The Wire
12. Vidar & Peter - In My Secret Life
13. Jenny Wilson - The Partisan
14. Olle Ljungström - Chelsea Hotel # 2
15. Sophie Zelmani - Waiting For The Miracle To Come
16. Christel Alsos - Suzanne

Find out more about the album on the website or have a listen on Spotify as soon as possible!

Cohen - The Scandinavian Report [5 min]

Monday, 14 December 2009

Promise and the Monster

I want to tell you about Billie aka Promise and the monster, you need to check it out. I stumbled on her a couple of years ago when i went to a performance with José Gonzáles. Promise and the monster was the opening act, and i instantly fell in love with her voice.

Apart from the obvious, her amazing music, not much is to be found about her. Billies music has two sides, both light and dark, sensitive and frail. The special voice in combination with great guitar makes it almost dream like at times... I'm hoping she will release a new album soon, i will make sure to tell you. Meanwhile, check out her debut album Transparent Knives from 2007.

Promise and the Monster is available on both Spotify, Klickttrack and iTunes. If you want to learn more about her, check out her Myspace for more information.

Promise and the Monster - Sheets

Promise and the Monster - Light Reflecting Papers

Promise and the Monster - Night out

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Happy Lucia Dummies!

Today is the day when Saint Lucia comes with lights, gingerbread cookies and song for us up here in the north :) Happy Lucia!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Top 5 album list of 2009

This time of year I scan the music magazines and read their year-lists. Everyone is eager to make a list in the spirit of High Fidelity, to summarize yet another great musical year :) So here comes my top 5 list of Swedish albums that stood out from the crowd. At least for me.

Without any specific order:
* El Perro Del Mar - Love is Not Pop
* Anna Järvinen - Man var Bland Molnen
* Brothers of End - The End
* Fever Ray - Fever Ray
* Melissa Horn - Säg Ingenting till Mig

Other artist that has released albums that has been on my mind more or less during the year, has been: Hello Saferide, Asha Ali, Kent, [ingenting], Taken by Trees, A Camp, Maia Hirasawa and Markus Krunegård.

For the year 2010 I'm eagerly awaiting the albums of First Aid Kit, Hajen and The Radio Dept. Im also hoping for world peace and the spread of Spotify to the rest of the world, so more people can access great music :)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Inbox News | Great Videos

It's time for some more Inbox News! Three news in my inbox that i think you should check out some more. Three very different videos, but all so great!

Magnus Weideskog - 20 år

Oh, what a lovely pop song! Magnus debut album will be released i January and it was recorded with Josef Zackrisson, Magnus Tingsek and Ken Ring. The video is made by director Mats Udd.

Check out Magnus Myspace for more information!

- - - - -

Symfoniorkestern - Tänd eld på dig själv [för det du tror på]

In their own words: A mostly instrumental journey from Gothenburg to the southern parts of Sweden. Five songs about late nights in Slottsskogen, mornings at Hisingen and the haunting feeling of repetition in life. All with a light smell of alcohol. Dreamy symphonic pop music from a collective where everyone who owns an instrument is invited. The video is directed by Pär Fredriksson.

As always, you will find more information on their Myspace!

- - - - -

The Super Orchestra - No One Deserves a Winter

The Super Orchestra - No One Deserves a Winter from The Super Orchestra on Vimeo.

The Super Orchestra sent me their video for the song No One Deserves a Winter. It's lovely and soothing and beautifully filmed by Adrian Levander / Sektorfilm. The band call it; Innocent yet dirty, pure and growingly erotic.

Find out more about The Super Orchestra on their website or Myspace.