Thursday, 27 May 2010

A little break [for now]

May is almost ending and soon the summer is here officially :) I wanted to share this First Aid Kit video with you guys. Because it's so great you deserve to see it again!

The updates might be a bit thin for a while, because I'm between internet providers at the moment. I hope to be back soon! Cheerio!

First Aid Kit - Tiger Mountain Peasant Song [Fleet Foxes cover]

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Dancing on my own | Robyn

Did you have the opportunity to watch Robyn's new video for the song Dancing on my own? If not, check out the video below. Robyn is a favorite and I smell summer hit when I hear this song... or maybe it's just the good weather of the past week that is influencing my thoughts ;)

Stop by Robyn's official website for more information about her music!

Robyn - Dancing on my own

Thursday, 20 May 2010

90ties Nostalgia Day

I stumbled on a playlist on Spotify with some of our great 90ties pop classics. We had a great period of a lot of new music during the 90ties, the indie pop years :) It's a pretty good collection of the music that shaped me during my teenage years.

I could say a hundred things about it, but im gonna let the music speak for itself. If you have any questions, put them in the comments.

Pssst! I couldn't embed this one, but it should be in here too. Kent - Kräm [så nära får ingen gå]

Popsicle - Make Up

Pineforest Crunch - Cup Noodle Song

Cardigans - Sick and Tired

Atomic Swing - Stone me into the grove

Jumper - Tapetklister

The Wannadies - You & Me Song

Stonecake - Tuesday Afternoon

Bo Kaspers Orkester - Hon är så söt

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

New video | Melissa Horn

Melissa Horn has released a video for her song Falla Fritt. Check it out below!

Melissa Horn - Falla fritt

Monday, 17 May 2010

New album | The Ark

The Ark has released a new album, no wait! a magazine called In full regalia. They take album selling to a whole new level by selling the album together with a 100 page magazine about the band. That way they take back some of the space that has been lost to digital downloads and put it in a new package on the magazine shelf's.

What do you think of this new way of selling albums? Read more about The Ark on their official website!

The Ark - Superstar [Swedish Television]

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Anna von Hausswolff

People have been talking about Anna von Hausswolff since last years Way out West festival. And it's true, you can't walk away unaffected by her voice. Sometimes it's like a whisper, sometimes like a scream and most of the time it's agonizing good. So far Anna has released the EP Track of Time and just recently the album Singing from the Grave [though i haven't listened to the album yet]. The reviews have been overwhelmingly good, and I predict more greatness in the future.

I think this dark beauty will be a new of my favorite, spine tingling moments indeed.

She is touring Scandinavia during the summer, so keep a look out for her, she might come to a city close to you. If you want to find out more about Anna, check out her Myspace and the Kning Disk website. The EP is available on Spotify.

Anna von Hausswolff - Track of Time [live]

Friday, 14 May 2010

10 years of Håkan Hellström

This year Håkan Hellström has his 10 year anniversary as a solo artist and he is celebrating it by releasing a collection of his singles on June 23d. When you look at the track list [below] it's a good collection of his best songs for the past decade. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely getting it this summer. Some of my personal favorites is Kär i en ängel, Gårdakvarnar och skit, Kom igen Lena! and the classic Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg.

01. Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg
02. Ramlar
03. En vän med en bil
04. Nu kan du få mig så lätt
05. Kom igen Lena!
06. Den fulaste flickan i världen
07. Mitt Gullbergs kaj paradis
08. En midsommarnatts dröm
09. Dom kommer kliva på dig igen
10. Gårdakvarnar och skit
11. 13
12. Klubbland
13. Jag hatar att jag älskar dig och jag älskar dig så mycket att jag hatar mig
14. För en lång lång tid
15. Kär i en ängel
16. Jag vet inte vem jag är men jag vet att jag är din
17. Visa vid vindens ängar

Pssst! It has also been said that Håkan is releasing a new album on October 23d, exactly 10 years after his debut album Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg. Lets keep an eye out for it! If you want to find out more about Håkan, check out his website.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

New album | The Radio Dept.

So, finally it's here, The Radio Depts. new album - Clinging to a Scheme, the one we've been waiting for so long [at least I have]. It's been released today, and since I'm out travelling I will be listening to it on my Spotify all day, and when I come home I will be having a CD waiting for me too :)

I will check back when I have some more feedback. Cheerio!

Update! I'm hooked. Bad. This album will be on my Top 5 this year, definitely. It's not music made for big stages with huge audiences. But it's beautiful and introvert pop that should be listened to in your headphones. I love it!

Anna Bergendahl | Eurovision 2010

Anna Bergendahl is Sweden's contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest this year. She is going to Oslo later this month.

Anna is a young woman [18] with a very grown up voice. Not what you expect when a little girl walks up on stage in her sneakers and a guitar. But it works, its pretty good for music coming through the Eurovision competition.

She is not a beginner despite her young age, she has been singing since she was a child and has also competed in music shows like Super Trooper and Idol. Maybe that gives her an advantage on stage, being used to be watched by millions of people, competing in music [which some people say it's impossible to do, but that is a whole other discussion]. She released her first album Yours Sincerely earlier this spring, and I'm pretty sure it wont be her last.

I like Anna and I hope she does well for herself. I hope that the sometimes scary music industry doesn't eat her up and spit her out. What do you think, can Anna win the Eurovision?

If you want to know more about Anna, you can check out her official website.

Anna Bergendahl - This is My Life

Sunday, 2 May 2010

There's a Razzia going on!

One of my favorite Swedish record labels is Razzia Records. They represent many of my personal favorites and some of the biggest names in pop Sweden today, such as: Hello Saferide, Timo Räisänen, Säkert!, Maia Hirasawa, Firefox AK, Jonna Lee and Tomas Rusiak.

They have released a few compilation albums, often mixes of known and not so well known artists and sometimes tracks that hasn't been released before. Check out the track listings for There's a Razzia going on vol 1 and 2 below. It's perfect for all of you who is looking for a new Swedish favorite!

There's a Razzia going on vol 1.
01. Hello Saferide I was definitely made for these times
02. Adiam Dymott
Memory loss
03. Konie
My Life Is Shit But I Am Funky (remix)
I ARE DROID Blood & Ether
05. Firefox AK vs Laid Once I was like you
06. Maia Hirasawa
07. Tripoli
Walk on
08. Säkert!
Det var tre månader sedan idag
09. They Live By Night
Meaningless repair
10. Timo Räisänen
Spill your beans
11. Svenska Kürkan
12. The Plan
Stay Awhile
13. Jonna Lee
I wrote this song
14. Mange Schmidt feat. Thomas Rusiak & Eye N I
Håll käften del 2
15. Thunder Express
16. Tellevika feat. Firefox AK
17. Ebbot Lundberg & Mattias Bärjed
Coming down cold

There's a Razzia going on vol 2.
01. Hello SaferideI fold
02. Joel AlmeYou remember the goodtimes but the goodtimes don't remember...
David Sandström OverdriveSong is holy
04. Theodor Jensen – BAPADA
05. I ARE DROID – With lowered arms
06. Konie I'm just another boy
Dundertåget – Låt mej va
08. Jonna Lee – Violent Playground
They live by night Ctr+Alt+Del My Heart (Fredrick Carlsson Remix)
Säkert!Min hemstad
11. Maia Hirasawa – Because of you

Jonna Lee - I Wrote This Song

I ARE DROID - Blood and Ether

Timo Räisänen - My Valentine

These compilations and much more can be found in the Razzia Records MP3-Shop, get your own copy today!