Saturday, 28 March 2009

Ternheim + Thåström

News reports this week tell us that Anna Ternheim and Thåström is performing live together this summer. Interesting combination indeed. Anna's sweet voice and Thåström's rougher approach have been mixed before since Anna is featured in Thåströms song Kärlek Är För Dom on his new album.

Thåström is a veteran in the music business, he used to be the front man of the legendary punk band Ebba Grön and Imperiet. These days he is more of a blues-inspired singer-song writer.

So if you are in the regions of Sweden this summer, make sure to stop by Stockholm, Göteborg or Helsingborg to check them out.

Thåström - Om Black Jim

Anna Ternheim - No, I Don't Remember [unplugged version]

Check out more news about Anna and Thåström

Joplin på svenska

If you feel like me, that you want to hear more from Caroline af Ugglas after her performance in Melodifestivalen (the Swedish version of Eurovision), then check out her album Joplin på svenska (Joplin in Swedish) an album with Janis Joplin covers with Swedish lyrics.

Caroline has been hyped after her performance in Melodifestivalen with the song Snälla, snälla and people like myself is starting to realize that she has released four albums (including the very recent Så gör jag det igen) over the years.

Snälla, snälla feels like a natural evolution from her Joplin album, and her new album is described in the same way. So if you want more Joplin-inspired blues check her out.

En Del Av Mitt Hjärta [performed on Swedish TV]

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Friday, 27 March 2009

Fever Ray

Among the springs new releases, the one that excites me most is Karin Dreijer's new solo project Fever Ray. If you didn't know Karin is the second half of the sibling duo The Knife that has been hyped all over the world ever since José Gonzales decided to cover their song Heartbeats.

According to what i heard, the album came to be after Karin gave birth to her second child and spent nights and days awake. It resulted in bits and pieces that eventually formed into an entire album. I have been listening to it repeatedly the past week on Spotify, and i must say that i like it a lot. At first its very similar to The Knife, but without Olof's techno beats, but after a while it becomes more and more interesting and i keep hearing great lines like: When I grow up, I want to be a forester, run through the moss on high heels or the chorus from If I had a heart: if i had a heart i could love you, if i had a voice i would sing, after the night when i wake up, i'll see what tomorrow brings.

Its brilliance, with a great and mystical voice. She will be the big hype this spring and she is getting great reviews from both fans and critiques. So, check it out, you wont be sorry.

If I Had A Heart

Check out for more information.

Press Photo

Thursday, 26 March 2009


This week Maia Hirasawa releases her new album GBG vs STOCKHOLM and as the title of the album and the new single South Again is suggesting, she feels pretty torn between the two cities. And it cant be easy being torn between the past and the future, the old home and the new one with her love in Göteborg. Now wonder it turned into a new album.

The new single is a bit different from the sound we have heard before from Maia, with more instruments and some kind of effect on her vocals... Im intrigued!

South Again

Find out more about Maia and her new album at

Press Photo: Johanna Svensson

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Moto Boy

The Moto Boy hype started sometime in the last part of 2008 but i didn't really care at the moment. You should care though, because its really good. Its beautiful, heartbreaking and with an almost church choir feel to it. Performing with lipstick gives him a special androgynous look, a Jeff Buckley-David Bowie kind of look.

Last weekend this was confirmed when Moto Boy performed last years winner of the Swedish Eurovision song contest. To get that honor is almost guaranteeing you a breakthrough. Remember Maia Hirasawa's version of The Arks winning song The Worrying Kind?

Check out his album, its available at [30 SEK, 2,70 EUR or 3,50 USD] or listen to the full versions of the songs at

Ride My Wild Heart

What It Was Like To Be with You

Young Love

Hero at Melodifestivalen [feat. Charlotte Perelli]

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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Snälla, snälla

The Swedish Eurovision (Melodifestivalen) is on TV this weekend and many of us will enjoy this lovely song Snälla, snälla (Please, please) by Caroline af Ugglas. A love song filled with desperation, gotta love it! Since most of the songs are performed in English its also very refeshing to hear a really good song in Swedish :)

I think this will be a big hit on the radio during the spring. Check it out!

Snälla snälla