Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Moto Boy

The Moto Boy hype started sometime in the last part of 2008 but i didn't really care at the moment. You should care though, because its really good. Its beautiful, heartbreaking and with an almost church choir feel to it. Performing with lipstick gives him a special androgynous look, a Jeff Buckley-David Bowie kind of look.

Last weekend this was confirmed when Moto Boy performed last years winner of the Swedish Eurovision song contest. To get that honor is almost guaranteeing you a breakthrough. Remember Maia Hirasawa's version of The Arks winning song The Worrying Kind?

Check out his album, its available at [30 SEK, 2,70 EUR or 3,50 USD] or listen to the full versions of the songs at

Ride My Wild Heart

What It Was Like To Be with You

Young Love

Hero at Melodifestivalen [feat. Charlotte Perelli]

Check out for more information.