Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Guest | Paul's favorites

Thanks for asking - and its a good question!

My current favourites are Anna Ternheim and Miss Li; both for their distinctive voices and the immediate appeal of their songs, although two more contrasting performers I can hardly imagine.

I enjoy the tunefully strange rock of bob hund, and the various (retro pop?) projects of Henrik Andersson: Ray Wonder, Hank, Vicky and most recently, The Clown.

My all time favourites remain ABBA and Komeda; for their musicianship, charm, and the nice places their music takes me to.


Miss Li - I Heard of a Girl

The Clown - Back to the Root

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Anna Ternheim on European Tour

For all you Anna Ternheim fans in Europe, did you know that she is going on a tour soon? According to Anna's website, the first three shows are already sold out, but if you are lucky you might get a ticket for one of the shows. I would go to Amsterdam, if i could...

Mon 20-april Vienna, Szene

Tue 21-april Stuttgart, Theaterhaus

Wed 22-april Munich, Freiheiz

Thu 23-april Berne, Bierhubeli

Fri 24-april Nijmegen, Doornroosje

Sun 26-april Amsterdam, Paradiso (small room)

Mon 27-april Cologne, Luxor

Tue 28-april Frankfurt, Batschkapp

Wed 29-april Paris, Café de la Danse

Check out more information on AnnaTernheim.com

Off topic with PSL

...and just because its so freakin good, Glasvegas and Kate Nash is making a guest appearance, recorded by PSL.

Glasvegas [James Allan] - Geraldine

Kate Nash - Foundations

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


PSL is a Swedish music blog that i read on a regular basis. Its hosted by the national Swedish television [SVT] and the music-veteran Per Sinding Larsen [hmmm, maybe that's where the name of blog comes from?]. Per releases news about music in Swedish, but if you are interested you can always use Google translate and get updated.

By the way, the best part is the special video performances and you don't need a translator for that ;) Check out more here ---> PSL. Here is a few of my favorites!

Hello Saferide - Arjeplog

Moto Boy - What It Was Like To Be With You

Frida Hyvönen + Markus Krunegård - Dirty Dancing

Kristian Anttila - Tio

Laakso - Västerbron

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - The Passover

Markus Krunegård - Jag Är En Vampyr

Sunday, 19 April 2009


This is beautiful. Moto Boy live in a bicycle tunnel. No more comments needed tonight.

Moto Boy - Beat Heart

More inforamtion: MotoBoy.se

Saturday, 18 April 2009


Earlier this spring the photographer Elin Berge and musician Frida Hyvönen released their collaboration Drottninglandet, a photographical work with special written music. Its an interesting way to combine two artistic expressions and make them into one. Something i would love to do myself someday.

The picture's show images of the life of Thai women in the deep forests of northern Sweden. The title of the exibition; Drottninglandet [Queen country] have several depths since the area is bearing many names of Swedish queens through history, but also because it is now inhabited by many Thai women, coming from a country that often is referred to as "The Kingdom". Read more about it [here] on Hasselblad Center's website. Friday Hyvönen also have ties to the area, since she was born and raised in Robertsfors, a small city outside of Umeå.

Its possible to buy the book with the images, and with that you also get Frida's CD. Isn't that a great way to spend an afternoon?

Read more about the exhibition at Hasselblad Center, at Frida's and Elin's websites.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Record Store Day | April 18th

In the past week we have been able to read about the fact that Sweden now officially is a part of the world-round celebration of the Record Store Day on April 18th.

The past years a lot of Gothenburg's and Sweden's record stores have become victims of internet stores and downloads (legal and illegal). And i understand why, its cheaper and has a better coverage of all the music available for us. And its open 24|7. A colleague of mine said that she buys her music online when the kids are asleep at 11 pm at night. She could never find the time to actually go to a store and "shop around". Its easy to do it online, but shopping for music has lost that mystical feeling that is surrounding a record store. How many of us music nerds haven't dreamed of being slightly more like Rob [in High Fidelity] from time to time? I know i did.

The forecast for Swedish records stores are bleak. The local newspaper made some research and most of the one's that are open today will probably have to close down within the year. A business can't run on passion alone. A few is planning to start selling online too, or create a special nisch that attracts more people. Thought's of creating music cafés has been mentioned. Only the future will know.

Its with a slightly melancholy feeling i will celebrate the Record Store Day this spring. Sales, live acts and celebrations will hopefully attract the crowds too.

Read more about The Record Store Day on the official website

Monday, 6 April 2009

Salem The Astronaut

Salem al Fakir is releasing a new album - Astronaut - which is his second. He is releasing it under the short version of his name Salem, to make it easier for the rest of Europe now when he is promoted there too.

And its obvious that he is backed by a big label this time, he has a more sophisticated look and a designed website these days. Luckily the music still has that naive and hopeful sound that makes my inside smile :)

Salem - Astronaut

Check out more news about Salem on his Myspace or SalemAlFakir.com!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Tram Sesssions | Gothenburg

A few days ago i stumbled on an interesting site called The Tram Sessions. It basically means that different musicians bring their instrument on to one of Göteborgs [Gothenburg's] trams and starts to play. The whole thing is recorded and then put on their website [and on Youtube]. Its a mixture of unknown and known artists and its really interesting.

I looove when people do something different and take their music out on to the streets to where the people really are. It brings happiness and joy in the grey and boring every day life. Below you can see a few of my favorites. To check out more, visit TheTramSessions.se

Ida Redig [linje 9 mot Angered]

David Urwitz [linje 6 mot Kortedala]

Detektivbyrån [linje 1 mot Tynnered]