Saturday, 18 April 2009


Earlier this spring the photographer Elin Berge and musician Frida Hyvönen released their collaboration Drottninglandet, a photographical work with special written music. Its an interesting way to combine two artistic expressions and make them into one. Something i would love to do myself someday.

The picture's show images of the life of Thai women in the deep forests of northern Sweden. The title of the exibition; Drottninglandet [Queen country] have several depths since the area is bearing many names of Swedish queens through history, but also because it is now inhabited by many Thai women, coming from a country that often is referred to as "The Kingdom". Read more about it [here] on Hasselblad Center's website. Friday Hyvönen also have ties to the area, since she was born and raised in Robertsfors, a small city outside of Umeå.

Its possible to buy the book with the images, and with that you also get Frida's CD. Isn't that a great way to spend an afternoon?

Read more about the exhibition at Hasselblad Center, at Frida's and Elin's websites.