Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Tram Sesssions | Gothenburg

A few days ago i stumbled on an interesting site called The Tram Sessions. It basically means that different musicians bring their instrument on to one of Göteborgs [Gothenburg's] trams and starts to play. The whole thing is recorded and then put on their website [and on Youtube]. Its a mixture of unknown and known artists and its really interesting.

I looove when people do something different and take their music out on to the streets to where the people really are. It brings happiness and joy in the grey and boring every day life. Below you can see a few of my favorites. To check out more, visit

Ida Redig [linje 9 mot Angered]

David Urwitz [linje 6 mot Kortedala]

Detektivbyrån [linje 1 mot Tynnered]