Saturday, 31 October 2009

Carolina Wallin Pérez

The wave of cover album is still over us, but this time there comes a discovery of a new talented singer with it. Her name is Carolina Wallin Pérez. A friend discovered her and told me to check it out [thanks Erik!]. It's an album with Kent covers.

Carolina is from the beginning a jazz singer and this album is her interpretation of Kent classics. Like so many of us, she has been listening to Kent since the start and made it her challenge to make their songs "her own" on this album.

Pssst! Carolina Wallin Pérez is playing live with my favorite sister-pair in First Aid Kit in the upcoming weeks. Listen to her at Myspace or Spotify.

Carolina Wallin Pérez - Pärlor [Kent cover]

Check out Carolina's Myspace for more information.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

New album | Asha Ali

Have you missed that Asha Ali has released her second album Hurricane? No worries, Asha is everywhere right now. She was one of the artist at the No More Lullabies performance and her song Time is Now is featured in the latest Saab commercial.

Saab commercial with Asha Ali song

Find out more about Asha Ali on her Myspace and official website.

Monday, 19 October 2009


I have been wanting to write about Hajen for a while... but i don't know much about her. Hajen aka Amanda Bergman is not very interested in talking about herself. But does it matter? No. The music speaks for it self.

Amanda has been hyped on blogs and music sites for about a year now and in August she made a legendary performance during the Way out West festival in Gothenburg [which im very sorry i missed]. Since then people can't stop talking about her. A new female vocalist, another young hope. And who doesn't want more? She makes wonderful piano ballads and has a voice filled with beautiful whiskey pain.

Her biggest Myspace hit has been the song Scapegoat and now she works on more music that is set to be released before the year has ended. It will an EP of her own and a couple of song for Bröderna Lindgrens second album with songs for children that adults can enjoy too.

EDIT: Now i have figured out why i like this girl so much. It's because she reminds me of Cat Power, but a young Swedish version. Great!

Hajen is touring in Europe this autumn, check out dates on her Myspace. You can also listen to a few of her songs on Spotify and she has three songs as free downloads on

Hajen - Scapegoat

Jerry meets Hajen [Swedish]

Check out Hajens Myspace for more information.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Lykke Li + Bon Iver

Sleepy Sunday after an intense week and i crawl up in the couch and watch this video that a friend of mine told me to check out. Hyped Lykke Li and American Bon Iver in collaboration. Two of my favorites of the past year. Love Lykke Li, love Bon Iver. Enjoy!

Lykke li + Bon Iver - Dance Dance Dance

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Kent | Töntarna

The biggest indie band in Sweden, Kent [which isn't that much "indie" anymore] released a new song earlier this week called Töntarna [the geeks]. Kent will always sound like Kent, but these days they sound like a Kent that flirts more than usual with electronic effects. The single is the first one from the new album Röd [Red] that will be released on November 6th [Sweden].

To understand Kent you have to start from the beginning, when they turned big in the mid 90ties. Back then they were young and hungry indie kids with passion. Today its high quality, good, but nothing spectacular. Still i always have a soft spot for Kent. Maybe its youth nostalgia coming over me again? ;)

You can listen to the new song Töntarna on Spotify and buy it at the usual download sites. On October 12th you can buy the single in stores [Sweden].

Check out Kent's official website and Myspace for more information.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Misty mornings and Jennie Abrahamson

The season has definitely changed here. Its one of those mornings with dark and heavy clouds hanging in the sky and the cold air sneaks in under the jacket and makes me shiver.

Its a day for Jennie Abrahamson. She is new to me, but oh, she fits this weather perfectly. With her sweet voice she changes my mood and takes me to slightly warmer and lighter place. Another favorite female vocalist in my heart.

Jennie tours Scandinavian at the moment, check out her Myspace to find out more. You can listen to Jennie at Spotify, or buy her music at Klicktrack.

Jennie Abrahamson - Why did I leave home

Jennie Abrahamson - Late night show

Check out Jennie's Myspace for more information.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

New Song | Anna Ternheim

Anna Ternheim has released a new single; Make it on my own. Its available to buy on iTunes music store and to listen to on Anna's Myspace.

By the way, Anna is doing an American fall tour, together with Loney Dear, make sure to check out if they are coming to a city near you. More information can be found on Anna's official website.

Anna Ternheim - My heart still beats for you [Live, Swedish Television]

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Music documentary weekend | Broder Daniel Forever

Last night the national Swedish television network showed the documentary about the legendary Broder Daniel. The film shows the time before their last concert in August 2008. To me it became a mix of nostalgia, both my own [during my youth i was listening to Luke Skywalker in my teenage room] and the bands own. A lot of the movie gives space to the front man Henrik Berggrens thoughts, which is great, but i would have wanted to see more of the other members too.

Still, its a wonderful way to spend a rainy saturday afternoon.

The movie is available on SVT Play [no subtitles] until November 1st: Broder Daniel Forever [SVT]. If you want to find out more about Broder Daniel, you can wiki it!

Broder Daniel - No Time For Us [Acoustic version]