Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Misty mornings and Jennie Abrahamson

The season has definitely changed here. Its one of those mornings with dark and heavy clouds hanging in the sky and the cold air sneaks in under the jacket and makes me shiver.

Its a day for Jennie Abrahamson. She is new to me, but oh, she fits this weather perfectly. With her sweet voice she changes my mood and takes me to slightly warmer and lighter place. Another favorite female vocalist in my heart.

Jennie tours Scandinavian at the moment, check out her Myspace to find out more. You can listen to Jennie at Spotify, or buy her music at Klicktrack.

Jennie Abrahamson - Why did I leave home

Jennie Abrahamson - Late night show

Check out Jennie's Myspace for more information.