Monday, 30 November 2009

El Perro Del Mar [Love is Not Pop]

Today I'm fighting the November rain with the latest El Perro Del Mar album, Love is Not Pop. El Perro Del Mar is Sarah Assbring and she has released four albums since 2005. Her breakthrough came with the song Candy from the album Look! It's El Perro Del Mar.

El Perro.. is having great success outside Sweden [especially in the US] with her melancholic lo-fi pop. I find that i have to be in a special mood to appreciate her music, but when the mood strikes me there is nothing like it. Love is Not Pop is a wonderful album, it takes me far away from this rainy city today.

During the autumn El Perro Del Mar released Love is Not Pop in the US and did a tour around the country. If you were lucky you were one of the people who saw her live :)

Keep track of what El Perro Del Mar is up to on her website and on her Myspace. El Perro Del Mar is also available on Spotify.

El Perro Del Mar - Change of Heart [2009]

Interview with El Perro Del Mar [English]

El Perro Del Mar - Glory to the World [2008]

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

New video | Fever Ray

New video from Fever Ray! Thanks for the tip Suss!

Fever Ray - Keep the Streets Empty For Me

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Billie the Vision and the Dancers

Good news for all the Billie the Vision and the Dancers fans! The group has started the work on their fifth (!) album since 2004. BtV&tD has been busy touring intensively all year, but is now taking a creative break to be able to create some new material. The album is set to be released in the spring of 2010. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more info later!

You can download Billie the Vision and the Dancers earlier album on their website [make sure to donate some money] to familiarize yourself if you don't know them from before!

Billie the Vision & the Dancers - Summercat

Billie the Vision & the Dancers - I Miss You

Monday, 23 November 2009

Joel Alme and the love for Göteborg

Another boy wonder, Joel Alme, is creating sweet pop from Gothenburg. Joel released his debut album A master of Ceremonies last year, and had a hit with the song The Queen's corner. Mix Håkan Hellström with Broder Daniel and you will get an idea how sweet it can be! Joel's voice is the definition of painful love topped off with strings, and i think it's great :)

Joel is working on his second album, due to be released in the beginning of next year. For you who can't wait, check out the single that he releases in the beginning of December; You will only get it once. Like a true fan of Gothenburg's football team IFK, he wrote the new cheering song for the supporters Änglarna, a song filled with love for the sport and the city!

You can listen to Joel's first album on Spotify and if you are curious about his new single you can check it out on his Myspace!

Joel Alme - The Queen's Corner

Joel Alme - Snart Skiner Poseidon [supporter song for IFK]

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Cover [me]

Great covers for ya'll on this grey and windy Wednesday.

Timo Räisänen - Creep [Radiohead]

Original version here ---> Radiohead - Creep

- - - - - -

First Aid Kit - Walk The Line [Johnny Cash]

Original version here ---> Johnny Cash - Walk The Line

- - - - - -

Also worth mentioning:
Ola Salo featuring Torsten Flinck - Dansa i Neon [Lena Philipsson]
Håkan Hellström - Jag ger dig min morgon [Fred Åkerström]

Thursday, 12 November 2009

New Swedish Music

Brothers of End

Here comes a three new releases that i think you should check out right away if you haven't yet.

Brothers of End - What's Wrong with That
From the debut album The End, released in October, a well made slow-drive album. Check out more on their website!

- - - - - -

Melisssa Horn - Lät Du Henne Komma Närmre
Melissa is a huge success in Sweden and is doing her first solo tour with her second album Säg Ingenting Till Mig at the moment. Read more about Melissa her her website!

- - - - - -

Kent - Töntarna
Kent is back with their 9th album Röd and will probably turn it into a huge success. Find out for yourself! Check out their website for more details.

Pssst! All of these new releases is available at Spotify if you wanna have a listen!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

New season

November is here and the darkness is upon us [the people of Scandinavia]. We set the clocks back an hour and it makes us sleepier than usual.

Here comes a few favorite videos with the theme of the new season.

Ane Brun - Changing of the seasons

First Aid Kit - You're Not Coming Home Tonight

Jens Lekman - Black Cab

Hello Saferide - Arjeplog