Saturday, 24 April 2010

Guest Writer | Five Swedish Songs on a Rainy Day

It doesn't sound much to ask for; some wistful music for when the
weather outside is setting a grey tone. But when I thought about it
most of the Swedish music I enjoy is usually warm and sunny pop, much
too full of cheerful vitality if I'm in the mood not to be. So what's
the solution? If its songs with introspective lyrics, a haunting voice
and a good selection of minor chords, then I will probably reach for
the album 'Halfway To Fivepoints' by Anna Ternheim every time. Even
the cover is cloudy.

Beyond that I had to dig a little deeper, and found that sunnier
Swedish bands have their rainy moments too. Occasionally.

1. The Radio Dept. - It's Personal
2. Kent - Before It All Ends [Innan Allting Tar Slut]
3. The Cardigans - Feathers and Down
4. Fredrik - 11 Years
5. The Soundtrack of Our Lives - In Your Veins

Here is a link for the Spotify playlist.

Guest writer

The Radio Dept. - It's Personal

Kent - Before It All Ends [Innan Allting Tar Slut]

The Cardigans - Feathers and Down

Fredrik - 11 Years

The Soundtrack of Our Lives - In Your Veins


Would you like to contribute too? Maybe you want to tell us about the greatness of your favorite Swedish band, or give us your top 5 Swedish songs on Thursdays, or anything else that you can think of. Email me for more information.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Junip is José Gonzales current project and consists also of Elias Araya [drums] and Tobias Winterkorn [organ, synth]. Junip has that special sound of José Gonzales voice and his guitar, but with the fuller sound of a band.

A new album is set to be released in September, but before then they will tour both Europe and the U.S. during the summer, including the Way out West festival in the home town Gothenburg in August.

If you wish to find out more about Junip, check out their official website or their Myspace. At the moment you can download one of their new songs for free at their website!

Junip - Black Refuge

Monday, 19 April 2010

Fembot | Robyn

Body Talk Pt.1 is coming! from Robyn on Vimeo.

Hi everybody! I'm back with some cool Robyn news. Robyn released the new single Fembot from her upcoming album Body Talk PT 1 the other day. Robyn has been busy recording for a while and therefor she can release three (!) albums this year. Amazing!

The first one, Body Talk PT 1 will be released on June 14th, and so will the second single Dancing On My Own. You will find the track listing below. Robyn has been working with people Kleerup, Klas Åhlund and Röyksopp among others when creating these albums. Earlier this year we were able to get a sneak peak in the creative process behind this album, in the SVT documentary series Dom Kallar oss Artister. Did you know that she listens to her own music in the car, to determine what changes needs to be done?

Body Talk PT 1
1. Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do
2. Fembot
3. Dancing On My Own
4. Cry When You Get Older
5. Dance Hall Queen
6. None Of Dem
7. Hang With Me (acoustic)
8. Jag Vet En Dejlig Rosa

You will find Robyn's single on Myspace and Spotify, you can also buy it in the usual online stores. If you want to find out more about Robyn's upcoming plans, visit her official website!