Saturday, 28 March 2009

Ternheim + Thåström

News reports this week tell us that Anna Ternheim and Thåström is performing live together this summer. Interesting combination indeed. Anna's sweet voice and Thåström's rougher approach have been mixed before since Anna is featured in Thåströms song Kärlek Är För Dom on his new album.

Thåström is a veteran in the music business, he used to be the front man of the legendary punk band Ebba Grön and Imperiet. These days he is more of a blues-inspired singer-song writer.

So if you are in the regions of Sweden this summer, make sure to stop by Stockholm, Göteborg or Helsingborg to check them out.

Thåström - Om Black Jim

Anna Ternheim - No, I Don't Remember [unplugged version]

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