Saturday, 12 December 2009

Top 5 album list of 2009

This time of year I scan the music magazines and read their year-lists. Everyone is eager to make a list in the spirit of High Fidelity, to summarize yet another great musical year :) So here comes my top 5 list of Swedish albums that stood out from the crowd. At least for me.

Without any specific order:
* El Perro Del Mar - Love is Not Pop
* Anna Järvinen - Man var Bland Molnen
* Brothers of End - The End
* Fever Ray - Fever Ray
* Melissa Horn - Säg Ingenting till Mig

Other artist that has released albums that has been on my mind more or less during the year, has been: Hello Saferide, Asha Ali, Kent, [ingenting], Taken by Trees, A Camp, Maia Hirasawa and Markus Krunegård.

For the year 2010 I'm eagerly awaiting the albums of First Aid Kit, Hajen and The Radio Dept. Im also hoping for world peace and the spread of Spotify to the rest of the world, so more people can access great music :)