Sunday, 21 September 2008


I want to mention the group Granada, even though i don't have a lot of information about them. I wish i had, but its hard to find. It doesn't help that they have the same name as the Spanish city/province and the fact that there exists a well known Brazilian group with the same name. It doesn't seem like they are active at the moment because one of the front figures Anna Järvinen recently released her solo album "Jag fick Feeling".

Its great music nonetheless :) Soft, melancholic indie pop with Anna Järvinens special voice accompanied with Magnus Vikströms makes a great combo. Music that will make you cry on one of those days. Three albums and a great deal of great songs like Amazing it Seems, Helene and Starting Over makes me hope that they one day will find their way back into the spotlight again.

Check out this live video of Granada on Swedish television!

You can find more a little more information about them on this blog