Saturday, 6 September 2008

Sophie Zelmani

Sophie Zelmani has a special place in my heart since since 1995 when she released her first album. It was one of the first CDs i ever bought. Therefor i have been following her career since then. Im grateful to her because she opened my eyes to other singer/songwriters. Over the years i always come back to her sound when being in a slight melancholy mood. Lars Halapi has been with her from the start, writing songs and playing the guitar. He is one of the best guitar players in Sweden today, famous for his ability to interpret feelings on his strings.

Sophie's music is not grand or flashy, its simple and atmospheric, and thats her strength. To go to one of her live performaces is special, she is not really a great live act (she actually doesnt like it very much) but she stands alone and tiny on the stage with her guitar and whispers "Tack" between her songs. Nonetheless the audience is under her spell, you can feel that the songs is very much her and that you are taking part of something special. I will see her live again in October and is looking forward to it very much.

Im not going to tell you much about her personal life, because i know very little about it. She is not a public person between album releases and doesnt like to give interviews. I know that she lives outside of Stockholm with her duaghter and that she is good friends with the famous photographer Anton Corbijn (who also photographs her album covers).

Find out more about all of her albums at the official website, her new album "The Ocean And Me" was released recently.

Press photo: Anton Corbijn

Read more about Sophie at and The Official Website