Friday, 19 September 2008

Loney, Dear

The first time i heard about Loney, Dear was three years ago. Back then Emil Svanängen made music on his own in the woods outside of Jönköping, with a wish to live off his music. Today he does :) When i ordered the home made CDs on his website i didn't know what to expect and i was greatly surprised. It was so beautiful! So much genuine despair and suffering in his songs i couldn't help to fall in love with his music.

Emils own journey took him out of the woods of Jönköping to Stockholm and then out into the world. With four albums recorded on his own in the trunk, he took his friends/band with him on the road and they now create magic on stages in both Europe and the US. Last year he was picked up by famous indie label Sub Pop who re-released the album from 2005, Loney, Noir.

First time i saw them live here in Gothenburg was in the autumn of 2005 and it was magic, i still remember it as one of the best live acts i ever seen. It was a night filled with so much love between the audience and the band that it vibrated. Emil with his eyes closed on the stage, meaning every word that comes out from his mouth. I agree with one of the quotes from Emils website: "Despair has never sounded so sweet."

Press picture

Read more about Emil at the official website, Luger and Myspace!