Thursday, 18 September 2008

Another Week Left

My mini-holiday became longer than i thought because of a bad cold. Im confined to the bed or possibly the couch for a few days...

Today i spent some time reading my new Sonic Magazine, one of Swedens music magazines and a great source of new music in every issue. On the cover this month is Annika Norlin (Hello Saferide & Säkert!). She goes back to her roots in the northern parts of Sweden (Östersund), talking about the unexpected success with her Swedish alias Säkert. From the beginning it was meant as a small time project (a paus from Hello Saferide) but ended up being too big. The future for Säkert! is unsure, so for now we enjoy Hello Saferide.

In the review section Hello Saferide gets 8/10 on the scale with the note that this album is different, more produced with a "fuller" sound (produced by indie icon Andreas Mattson from Popsicle). It takes some getting used to, but makes a great album in the end. Sounds promising!

They also reveal the songs on the new album, so here they come: I wonder who is like this one (a favorite of mine, see earlier video post from Brazil), 2008, Overall, Lund, X telling me about the loss of something dear at age 16, Middleclass, Parenting never ends, Anna (se earlier video post), 25 Days, Sancho Panza, Travelling with us, Arjeplog

I suggest you read more about the new album at the Razzia Records website. Use Google Translate (in the link list) to translate from Swedish to English.

Press picture / Photographer Mikael K Jansson