Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The Knife

The Knife is a duo that consists of the siblings Karin & Olof Dreijer (Karin a former member of Honey Is Cool). They formed in 1999 and released Deep Cuts which became a loved album among the Swedish listeners. Their mystical aura and outspoken unwillingness to appear in pictures or other marketing probably added to the hype with the Silent Shout tour in 2006. For many (including myself) it felt like the only chance of seeing them live. It was a great experience, but not as much a live concert as a performing art moment where images, sound and light came together. Karin and Olof where, as always, dressed in masks.

In 2005 José Gonzales version of the song Heartbeats was featured in a Sony commercial, which made the rest of the world aware of both José Gonzales and The Knife. Since then they both have had a great commercial success. Who would have known that the sometimes unlikely combination of beats, oil-drums (which you mostly find in reggae or world music) and Karins sweet voice would have such an effect on us?

The Knife has featured in many Tv series and won awards over the years for their work. They have released three albums and one soundtrack to the movie Hannah med H. Silent Shout was the latest release from Karin & Olofs own label Rabid Records, except for a DVD with tour material. We are looking forward to see what the siblings next move will be.

Press picture from Luger / Photography Elin Berge

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