Thursday, 4 September 2008

Håkan Hellström

Im proud to present Håkan Hellström, an established pop icon in Sweden and also fellow "Göteborgare" (citizen of Gothenburg). He is probably not that known outside of Sweden, since he sings in Swedish. Through the years he has been criticized for not being able to carry a tune and for borrowing too much from other songs. Inspiration or theft? Its up to you to decide.

Despite the critique he is loved by many and adored especially by his fans in Gothenburg. He sings about the streets and places where we walk every day in a poetic way. I can only feel sorry for all of you who doesnt understand the songs. When you go to one of his live performances in Gothenburg its a sheer love-fest between Håkan and his fans! Definitely an experience to remember!

Håkan is also a former a member of Broder Daniel and Honey is Cool (both bands from Gothenburg) but had his personal breakthrough in 2000 when he released "Känn Ingen Sorg För Mig Göteborg" (Feel no sadness for me Gothenburg). He has since then become a national hero after his flirts with other genres (folk, salsa etc) which gives him a variation of fans from kids to old ladies. And here he is, five albums and countless of songs, someone for you to discover!

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