Monday, 29 September 2008

The Tiny

The Tiny is a Swedish trio with another one of those amazing female vocalists that we have here in Sweden :) Ellekari Larsson has an almost childlike but powerful voice and when you mix that with jazz inspired melodies you end up with music that cant be put into any genre. She tells us amazing, little stories and it feels like magic. I cant put The Tiny on in the background, this is music you really have to listen to, its impossible to stay neutral with this voice in the room.

In 2003 Ellekari and her friend Ane Brun started the artist collective DetErMineRecords located in Stockholm. In 2005 the Canadian singer/songwriter Wendy McNeill also joined in the collective. Both Ellekari & Wendy McNeill is also featuring on Ane Bruns Duet album.

Its been silent from The Tiny since their second and latest album, but according to their Myspace they are in the studio, recording another album as we speak. Im looking forward to it, im sure it will be great as ever. For you who hasn't discovered them yet, check out their earlier releases ASAP!


Everything is Free

They Say its Weird

Also check out the Official Website for more information & news updates! The Image is a poster from the last album, available for sale at the webiste.