Saturday, 13 December 2008

A Camp

I receive the news of the release of A Camps second album, Colonia, with a smile. The first one was SO GOOD. Its been eight years since the last one, so i have high expectations. Too high probably...

Nina's solo project was something totally different from The Cardigans when it came out. It was darker and with a dose of lovely Country/Americana. And i liked it a lot. Back then it was a side project to get some space from The Cardigans and concentrate on something more of her own [every band is a democracy...], but now its her primary project since The Cardigans is currently put on ice indefinitely [no one really knows]. This time A Camp is no longer a solo project, she has added a band with her husband Nathan [American] as one of the components.

I hope that the new album will be everything i have dreamed for in the past eight years, but if not, i always have the first album to comfort me. If you're not familiar with A Camp i suggest you take a look asap :)

To find out more, check out the official website and Myspace

Photo by: Greg Greenwood