Thursday, 16 October 2008

Jens Lekman

Jens Lekmans sweet-sad-songs has gotten me through a lot of bad days over the years. You probably heard about him already, he is a frequent touring artist and seem to travel all over the world most of the year. You might have read in the magazines that people like Kirsten Dunst are fans, and who can blame her? Jens charm is honest and heart breaking and that is what makes it brilliant.

He is one of those rare artists that are both gifted with lyrics and songs, which became a fact after his third album Night Falls Over Kortedala that was released last year. A shy mans reflections of every day troubles and love problems ventilated through sweet music. His albums just keeps getting better and better. Dont miss the songs Postcard To Nina or Your Arms Around Me.

Jens was born 1981 in Angered [a suburb to Gothenburg] and has frequently been singing about his every day life for every one who wants to listen. For fellow "Göteborgare" there is a charm to hear him sing about places and events that is effecting us every day. For example the illegal cabs [black cab] that is often used in the early morning hours after a night out, or the place he love; Hammarkullen [Hammer Hill]. Last year Jens moved from Kortedala/Hammarkullen to Australia but now his website tells us that he is homeless... we'll see where this wanderer might show up next time. Check out his releases, you dont wanna miss this.

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Also check out his official website JensLekman.Com