Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Where you, just like me, filled up with happiness and bubbely joy inside when you saw the movie about Amelie from Monmartre [Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain]? One of the reasons was of course the lovely Amelie, but also the music, it leaped off the screen and into my heart. I literally jumped all the way home from the movie theater.

I get the same feeling when i listen to Detektivbyrån, an instrumental band that we all should give a listen. Perfect music for a rainy day when you dont want to feel low, music to warm your frozen heart. I dont like to put music in genres, but if i would try to describe Detektivbyrån i would call their music experimental-indie-folk-electronica. Stories without words are visualized in my head when i listen, and its easy to get lost in daydreams with this flowing into your ears. The trio comes from Värmland, but now live and work in Gothenburg. They recently released their second album Wermland, available for download at Klicktrack.

Lyckans Undulat

Official Press Picture

Also check out Detektivbyån.net