Thursday, 13 November 2008

A Night at Storan

Earlier this year Hello Saferide released her second album, produced by indie pop icon Andreas Mattson. I looked forward to it a great deal and was somewhat disappointed when it showed up. It didn't give me that immediate feeling of pleasure in the backbone like i had last time. I have been listening to it, but felt that it was a little bit too slick, a bit over produced maybe. I had heard this before but hoped that the articles was wrong.

So came the night when my friends and me went to see her live at Storan. My expectations were probably kind of low at first, but after a couple of songs i realized that her new songs are great! They just needed a bit of the rough live feeling, the in-between talks, the audience and Annikas energy pouring off the stage into us. And even though the audience was young and loud (in a not always nice way) the love was in the air. Both Andreas Mattson and Andrea Kellerman [Firefox AK] joined her on stage, which gave the songs Long Lost Penpal and Overall an extra dimension.

I understand the pressure she must feel, releasing another album after the first one. Can she be successful once again? I understand why she did something different, but still the same. Its still Modern Short Stories made the Annika-way :)

Check out Hello Saferides website for more information, also here is a review of the album in Gothenburgs local newspaper.