Thursday, 23 July 2009

Street Music in Gothenburg

From July 1st street music is regulated and banned in certain central parts of Gothenburg during business hours. A political decision that has been met with both anger and sympathies. Personally I understand the annoyance of people but find it disturbing that our public spaces is getting regulated by politicians. Aren't the streets suppose to be free for everyone?

The Local's article about the ban [English] ---> Gothenburg's new rules strike bum note with street musicians

The decision has been criticized by many and several of Gothenburgs musicians and public figures stood behind the debate article in GP [Göteborgs Posten] earlier this month [read it here, use Google Translate].

A lot of people also used civil disobedience on the first day of the ban, and never has Gothenburg seen so many street artists in the same time, playing in every street corner.

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