Friday, 10 July 2009


Moneybrother [aka Anders Wendin] is a energetic indie artist who combines rock, pop, soul, punk and reggae into his own unique sound. He already has six solo albums under his belt since 2002. Before he went solo he used to be a part of the indie group Monster who had a great deal of success during the 90ties.

Anders named his solo project after the only two words his little brother could say in English :) In 2006 he made a 180° turn and made an album in Swedish called Pengabrorsan [Moneybrother in Swedish]. Hopefully he will come back to singing in Swedish in the future.

The latest album Real Control was released earlier this year with some help from a friend and a great deal of tomato soup! Anders and his friend Maximilian Lundin tried out a new marketing/merchandise idea and is selling the ecological and bio dynamic soup at concerts. Anders also said goodbye to his group of old friends that has played with him from the start and started a new collaboration with Johan Brändström [Randy] and Mikael "Vigilante Carlstroem" Karlsson [Hives].

Moneybrother - Born Under A Bad Sign [2009]

Moneybrother - Dom Vet Ingenting Om Oss [2006]

Moneybrother - They're Building Walls Around Us [2005]

Press photo

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