Wednesday, 22 July 2009

GBG Belongs To Us

The song GBG Belongs To Us is part II in a three part love letter to Gothenburg, made by the duo Air France. The track was made together with Christina Roos from Cat 5 [another electronica duo from Gothenburg].

Air France is a Gothenburg based duo with Joel Karlsson and Henrik Markstedt. The music has a summery aura, with light tunes, mixes of sounds of nature and sweet female voices [I find resemblance to Australian The Avalanches]. Air France have released two EPs so far, but The Love Letter to GBG feels like a teaser of more to come. I'm hoping for more collaborations and great mixes soon.

Check out the love letter to GBG here ---> GBG belongs to us
Also, an interview made by Pitchfork here ---> Air France feature

Photo by: Teresa Jaksectic

More information about Air France can be found on their Myspace.