Thursday, 16 July 2009

Kristofer Åström & The Rainaways

Last night me and my friends went to see Kristofer Åström at Liseberg. Liseberg is the oldest amusement park in Sweden and every summer they have a full schedule of live concerts for their visitors. Since the amusement park is close we can drop by for some music and an ice cream every week.

Last night Kristofer and The Rainaways came to play for us on the little stage. It was a sunny and humid summer night and the songs played are mixed with the sound of the visitors in the park. A lot of iiiih and aaaaaah from the rollercosters. That's the charm of going to concerts at Liseberg; the sounds, the smell of cotton candy and the great mixture of people in the audience [hipsters, teenagers, Moms with strollers, seniors and German tourists].

Kristofer has always been a very productive artist, he was a member of one of the best rock bands in Sweden, Fireside, for ten years. After that he has been recording a new singer/songwriter album almost every year since 1998. Most of them has been recorded with the band The Hidden Truck, but the last one, Sinkadus, was made together with The Rainaways. He also recorded a song with his friend Britta Persson [see below].

You can find Sinkadus at Spotify.

All Lovers Hell

The Wild [featuring Britta Persson]

Conjure Me

One Good Moment

Poor Young Mans Heart

Until Tomorrow

Press Photo

Check out his Myspace for more information!