Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Broder Daniel Forever

On July 2d the documentary about the legendary rockband Broder Daniel had its gala premier at the Draken movie theater in Gothenburg [Broder Daniels hometown]. The band was there, meeting all of their fans together with the creators of the movie, Kristian Bengtsson, Fredrik Wenzel and Henrik Hellström. The movie will be shown in a few theaters in Stockholm and Gothenburg and then tour over the country during the rest of the summer.

Few bands in Sweden get to be as popular as Broder Daniel has been for the past ten years. They still have a religious status among some of their fans, even though their golden era was in the turn of the century. After the bands guitarist Anders Göthberg tragically took his own life in march 2008 they decided it was time to put the band to rest. Their final performance was made at the Way out West festival in august the same year and the movie is portraying the time leading up to that final moment. Read more about the movie at the SF website.

"If anything rock history taught us, it is that we should be ourselves and be proud of who you are. We should not wish to be someone else, or that it we were from another country or time. We are the ones that others may wish that they would be. We are the golden age"

Translated quote by Henrik Berggren, Broder Daniel

Broder Daniel Forever [official trailer]

Press photo: Carl Hjelte

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