Thursday, 28 January 2010

Joel Alme & Alexander Durefelt

Here comes two new releases from the musical capital of Sweden, Gothenburg [Göteborg] :)

Joel Alme [bottom picture] is back with his second album Waiting For the Bells and shows us that he can do it once again. The first album A Master of Ceremonies [2008] was a big success for Joel and the song The Queen's Corner became a hit. I have a soft spot for dramatic and romantic pop songs with strings and piano like When Old Love Keeps You Waiting. It's a brilliant song. Joel delivers, he really does. The song You Will Only Get it Once is another definite song on the 2010 soundtrack.

Joel Alme Myspace

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Alexander Durefelt [top picture] creates Americana rock with inspiration from names like Ryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen. He released the album Hearts On Repair late last year. I appreciate this type of music, sometimes it feels like the soundtrack of my life, music that i can live with for a long time and never grow tired of. I like it a lot, even though the sound isn't that unique. A couple of my favorite songs is Hearts On Repair, Heavy Heart and Stay.

Alexander Durefelt Myspace