Sunday, 17 January 2010

Weeping Willows

Listening to Weeping Willows on a Sunday afternoon is like opening up a can of nostalgia from a different life. I used to listen to this them a lot in my past, and Magnus Carlsson's distinct voice is like a time portal and therefore it mostly stays in the past... but we all have the tendency to return to the music of our youth don't we? ;)

Weeping Willows were early with the Country/Americana sound in Sweden that has come to be popular in recent years and had a very specific Rockabilly style [which has change over the years]. They have a solid fan base but apart from that you don't hear much from them these days. Their last album, Fear & Love came in 2007 but the rumor has it that they will try to release something new during 2010.

If Weeping Willows is laying low it usually means that the band members are busy with other side projects. The most active one must be Magnus Carlsson [not to be confused with Magnus Carlsson from Alcazar] who recently released a jazz album with The Moon Ray Quintet. He is also an active DJ on the Stockholm club scene. Some of the other band members are professional musicians for artists like Lars Winnerbäck, Thåström, Stefan Sundström and the Club Killers.

Check out Weeping Willows website and Myspace if you want to know more. Their music catalog is also available on Spotify.

Weeping Willows - Touch Me

Weeping Willows - Stairs

Weeping Willows - Falling

Weeping Willows - Last Night I Dream't That Somebody Loved Me
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