Friday, 8 January 2010

Bröderna Lindgren and the meaning of life

Bröderna Lindgren [the brothers Lindgren] came into my life a couple of years ago [2007] when they made the album Vuxen Barnmusik [Adult music for kids]! together with some of the greatest voices of Sweden: Ebbot Lundberg [Soundtrack of our Lives], Martin Hederos, Patrik Arve, Asha Ali, Nina Ramsby, Kristofer Åström and Mattias Alkberg. The concept was to make indie-pop that works for kids as well as their parents. Great concept!

This worked so well that they decided to do it again. The new album is called [Bröderna Lindgren] Presenterar meningen med livet [presents the meaning of life]. This time the guest artists are: Britta Persson, Hajen, Ebbot Lundberg [Soundtrack of our Lives], Olle Ljungström, Swedish Tiger, Nina Ramsby, Kristofer Åström among others. This is one of the moments i wish you all knew Swedish, because the lyrics are wonderful :) Check out the track list below!

Annan Sort - Britta Persson
Superhjälten - Hajen
Det Är Jag Som Bestämmer - Swedish Tiger
Dom Bästa - Those Dancing Days
Aldrig Hem Igen - Nina Ramsby
En Helt Ny Värld - Ebbot Lundberg
Kasta Iväg Mig - Olle Ljungström
Nu - Britta Persson
Här Kommer Ambulansen - Nina Ramsby
Snabba Som Raketer - Mattias Alkberg
Om En Skalbagge - Caroline Wennergren
Jag Vet - Kristofer Åström
Vilse - Hajen
[bonus track] Bästa Vän - Swedish Tiger & Mathias Lindgren

välkommen till djungeln

Bröderna Lindgren | MySpace Music Videos

If you have the possibility, check out the album on Spotify, or on Bröderna Lindgren's Myspace.