Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Oscar Danielson

If you need some inspiration in your dull every day life, you should listen to Oscar Danielson's music. He writes about beautiful and sad little truths in life. I found him for the first time around the time he released his first album Schysst & Populär [1996] and fell in love with his jazzy singer song writer pop :) You could even say that his album was a major part of my youth, and will always stay with me as a loved one.

Since then, Oscar has released another three album, but is still pretty much unknown to the public [except for a small and devoted group of fans]. I hope you will fall in love with his music too!

"Du var som fem soliga dar, som kommer efter varandra på rad."

Oscar Danielson - Top of The Foodchain

Oscar Danielson - Gitarren Är Mitt Svärd

Find out more about Oscar on his official website or Myspace. You can also listen to all of his albums on Spotify. Photo above Mikeadelica.