Saturday, 5 September 2009

Melissa Horn

Recently i fell in love with Melissa Horn. Her sweet voice in combination with those sad lyrics of love speaks to the melancholic and romantic part of me that seems to take over my mood on rainy days like this. I think she's wonderful and is amazed that i didn't hear that much about her before. She has talent, and hopefully she will be one of our great female vocalists in the future.

Melissa sound to me like the female version of Lars Winnerbäck, so it seems only natural that she has recorded the duet Som jag hade dig förut with him. She released her debut album Långa Nätter in 2008 and the song by the same name is one of her best known songs. Melissa is also the daughter of the Swedish folk/jazz Maritza Horn.

You can listen to Melissa at Spotify and at Youtube [embedding is disabled...] and buy her music at iTunes music store.

Press Picture

Find out more about Melissa at Myspace.