Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Inbox News | Nom de Guerre

Check out the band Nom de Guerre, a energetic Stockholm based pop group that mixes genres on their album Love thy Neighbour. The song Everybody Knows feels inspired by Queens but George [see mini interview below] didn't mention them as one of their influences :) One thing is true, you can find influences from most genres on their album. Check them out and make up your own mind!

When did the band start to make music together, and how did you meet?
We met through our shared love of distorted electric bass about ten years ago, and ever since we wanted to form a band based around that wonderfully exhilarating sound. In 2005 we finally got round to forming Nom de Guerre, a band with an intense, close-knit feel, kind of like of a brotherhood, which is why we decided to take the same surname. We stand united against the use of guitars in pop music - our records and gigs are proudly guitar-free but always brimming with lovely fuzzed-up bass.

Which bands are your main influences?
I think I can truthfully say our tastes cover just about every genre of music. But I can't think of a single band or artist that all three of us likes!

Do you have any Swedish influences and who might they be?
Personally, I [George] am less into Swedish music than Hector and Louis. But I do like a bit of Eggstone and Nationalteatern.

Why do you think Sweden has so many more talented musicians per capita than the rest of the world?
Because with the winters being so long, dark and cold here it's no wonder musicians love to hang out in their warm, cosy rehearsal rooms so much. Plus I think the climate makes Swedes rather melancholy, which always makes for good music.

Nom de Guerre - So Long Sister

Nom de Guerre - Slick vs Lame

Press Photo Matilda Rahm

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