Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Sofia Karlsson

Sofia Karlsson is one of our great female vocalists in Sweden. With folk songs that travels straight to the heart. Its like that familiar and safe feeling of unconditional love and it makes me happy inside to listen to her clear and uncomplicated voice. That's how I want life to feel [instead it feels more like PJ Harvey most of the time...].

With multiple albums under her belt, the latest one Söder om Kärleken earlier this year, she is definitely one of the major names in Swedish folk/singer/song writer music. Sofia was brought up in a musical home in Stockholm and she mentions influences like Cornelis Vreeswijk [One of Sweden most popular fol singers of all time, of Dutch origin] Dolly Parton, Tracy Chapman, Gillian Welch and Monica Zetterlund [Swedish jazz singer].

Its possible to listen to Sofia Karlsson on Myspace and Spotify, but you can also buy her albums on Klicktrack.

Sofia Karlsson - Dina Händer [Live Swedish TV]

Sofia Karlsson - Smält Mig Till Glöd

Sofia Karlsson - Du Var Där

Press Photo

Find out more about Sofia Karlsson on her official website or on her Myspace.