Monday, 10 August 2009


The Swedish Stockholm based pop band [ingenting] has been hyped lately. Everyone seems to look forward to their show on the Way Out West festival this week. Straightforward pop performed in Swedish is always enjoyable :) The singles Punkdrömmar and Släpp in Solen has been played frequently on the radio and makes us want more!

The third album Tomhet, idel tomhet is released in September on Labrador Records. The theme [according to the band] is emptiness, life, death and religion. Until then you can enjoy them on Youtube or at the WoW festival in Göteborg [Gothenburg] this weekend.

[ingenting] - Punkdrömmar

[ingenting] - Släpp in Solen

[ingenting] - Dina Händer är Fulla av Blommor [live]

Pssst! Check out the fake band in the videos! :)

Check out the official website and Myspace.