Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Summer Hits á 2010

Now when the leaves are falling and we pull the coats tighter around us we can summarize which were the big summer hits of the 2010 summer. Robyn and Oskar Linnros were played on the radio over and over (together with Rhianna and Lady Gaga of course...).

Robyn - Dancing on my own

Robyn - Hang with me

Robyn has released two of her three album series of this year, and she has once again been raised and praised for her work. I agree with most of the praise and her albums Body Talk pt1 and Body Talk pt2 has frequently been played in my house when ever I'm in the mood to dance. The biggest hit of them all has been Dancing on my own. Given hit and a great song! Also check out the track Hang with me (video above).

Check out Robyn's website for more information about her music!

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Oskar Linnros - Ack, Sundbyberg

Oskar Linnros - Annie Hall

Oskar Linnros was one half of the old duo Snook. Oskar is now on his own and his album Vilja Bli was released in the spring. The song Ack, Sundbyberg has been a hit all summer but it's not the best track of this debut album. Instead I urge you to check out the songs 25, Från och med du, Ballad från en loftsäng and Annie Hall. Good Swedish pop for all!

Find out more about Oskar and his music on his website!