Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Guest | Laura's favorites

What a great question! Of course...favorite? That's like choosing a favorite child. I think Peter Moren put it best when he said that Sweden, by percentages, has more great bands then any other place on earth. (I'm not a math genius...but I'm pretty sure the numbers work out.)

I was first introduced to Swedish music when a friend, horrified that I didn't know anything about her own country, handed me a CD book filled with disks. Okay, handed isn't the right word...she was so excited it was tossed...with all the glee of a music lover knowing she's about to turn a new fan. Two weeks later, we went to see José Gonzales and the rest, as they say, is history.

Current favorites? Anything on Labrador. I love the uniformity in sound and purpose. Between Club 8, The Legends, Radio Dept, Acid House Kings...well, for a kid raised on the pop-delights of the Beach Boys -- it's tough to beat. Does Stockholm put something in the water?

Other favorites: Jens Lekman, Montt Mardié, and Elias and the Wizzkids, all who manage to take the perceived (at least from an American view point) Euro-chic persona and turn it on its head. I'm the worlds biggest geek, so it's always nice to have a bit of company.

Of course, I'm always up to at least sample something a bit experimental. Recently Dieter Schöön e-mailed us [us means wouldbehipster] with his album. It's seriously freaky and wonderfully out of control.

Laura (a.k.a. LMS)

Elias and The Wizzkids - Young and Hairy

Montt Mardié - Paraply

Club 8 - Missing You