Saturday, 28 February 2009

Winter Took His Life

Around this time of year i get very sick and tired of the winter and the dark and wonders in my melodramatic way if im gonna survive yet another winter. Of course i do, i have a warm house and food, im mostly thinking of the mental aspect of living in darkness 6 months of the year. I wonder if that was on Susanna Brandin's mind when she named her solo project Winter Took His Life?

Susanna comes from a small city outside Göteborg and the first time i heard the buzz about her was in 2006. She started like many others, by sending out home made EPs that was ordered on her website. In 2008 she released her first full length album You know what it's like to be alone and shut down on Bless The Press Records. I bought the album on Klicktrack a few months ago and im convinced that i found a new future singer-songwriter star. Its beautiful and delicate sadness combined. A couple of favorite tracks is Boston and When You Said You Headed Home.

I read somewhere that the only thing standing between her and her success is her somewhat long and strange stage name, but hopefully it wont stop you from taking another look at what she has accomplished :) You can find some of her tracks as free downloads on but also the whole album for the bargain price of 55 SEK at Klicktrack (4.68 EUR or 5.93 USD)

When You Said You Headed Home [official video]

I stay Inside

The Lonelinest

Also check out and her Myspace for more information.